Abortion Procedures And Fees FAQs | Orlando Women’s Center.

Abortion Procedure Fees

How much does an abortion cost?
Are there any hidden fees? 
I am looking for a free abortion – Do you perform free abortions at your clinics?
Do you have a payment plan?
Is the procedure covered by my health insurance?
Will my parents be informed if I use their insurance?
What if I change my mind while I am in the office, can I get all of my money back?

About The Women’s Center

How long has the Women’s Center been in business?
Is the abortion performed by a “real” doctor?

Scheduling An Appointment

Is it necessary to come to the facility for a pregnancy test before my appointment?
Will I have to wait long for an appointment?
Are appointments available for evenings and weekend?
Is everything confidential?
Why does the entire visit require 2 or more hours in the facility?
Should I worry about protestors outside the Offices?

Abortion Procedures

What are some methods of Abortion?
How is a chemical Abortion, non-surgical abortion, RU 486, Abortion Pill, Abortion by pill, instrument-free (Medical Abortion) performed?
What is the most common abortion medication used in the United States?
Up to how many weeks can the Abortion Pill (Medical Abortion, RU 486) be performed?
Are the Early Term Abortion medications safe to use?
How will I know if I am having some type of complication with the medical abortion (abortion pill) procedure?
What is the chance of the Medical Abortion Procedure (RU 486) working if it fails the first time?
How will I know the abortion is complete after the Medical Abortion (abortion pill) procedure?
If the Medication Abortion (Abortion Pill) Procedure does not work, can patients decide not to go through the abortion procedure?
Is there another abortion medication pill that I can take besides RU 486?
Can Abortion by Aspirin Be Done?
Where can I get the Abortion Pill?
Could you briefly describe the abortion process that occurs in your facilities?
What happens during an abortion?
How is a surgical abortion performed?
How effective is the surgical abortion? 
How will I feel after the surgical abortion?
How long does the procedure take?
How will I know if the abortion procedure was successful?
Which procedure is better, the surgical or the chemical?
Which procedure is less painful?

Pain, Sedation and Anesthesia

Is the abortion procedure painful?
What are the differences between IV Sedation, Advanced Technology IV Sedation, Deep Sedation, and General Anesthesia?
Does Abortion Hurt With Using the Abortion Pill Procedure?

After The Abortion Procedure

Are there any restrictions following an abortion procedure?
How long after having an abortion will I experience bleeding?
Can I return to work or school the next day?
Will an abortion have any effect on future pregnancies?
What happens to the fetus after the abortion procedure?
How will I feel emotionally after the abortion?
When will I have a normal period?
How soon can I get pregnant after an abortion?
If I can’t come back to the Women’s Center for my follow-up appointment, can I do a home pregnancy test or see my personal Physician?

Birth Control

Do you offer birth control?
When do I start birth control?
How long does it take for the birth control to be effective?

HIPAA Privacy Notice

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