Essure is a permanent and irreversible birth control procedure that causes blockage and scarring of the fallopian tubes so that male sperm cannot pass into the fallopian tubes to reach the mother’s eggs. The procedure can be performed in the medical facility in under 30 minutes. There is no IV sedation, cutting, or the need to place expansion gases in the abdomen.

Micro-inserts are passed through the maternal vagina, cervix, and uterus, and placed in the fallopian tubes. Women can go back to their normal activities the following day. A backup form of birth control must be used for three months and then a confirmation test is done to assure that the fallopian tubes are fully blocked. At times the tubes may be found to still be open and the test is repeated again in three months. There are no hormones associated with the Essure product so there should be minimal to no side effects associated with the procedure.

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