What are the differences between IV Sedation, Advanced Technology IV Sedation, Deep Sedation, and General Anesthesia?

The IV Sedation medications we use help to reduce anxiety and pain. It allows the patient to not remember or feel any discomfort during the surgical procedure. The patient remains awake and is able to follow verbal instruction very easily. The patient must bring an escort to drive her home after the procedure as the medications can remain in the body for several hours.

Our Advanced Technology IV Sedation uses medications that have a very short duration of 5 to 20 minutes which means that within an hour the medications are out of the patient’s body. This allows the patient to drive herself to and from the office without being accompanied by an escort. There are patients who want the abortion procedure to be an absolute private matter and this option provides for this degree of privacy. They are able to resume all of their normal activities as soon as leaving the office.

Deep IV Sedation uses medications that allow the patient to not remember or feel any discomfort or pain during the abortion procedure. They are able to respond to deep stimulation, with swallowing and other reflexes still functioning.

General Anesthesia allows the patient to be completely asleep and does not respond to any verbal stimuli and may lose certain major reflexes. The patient does not remember of feel any pain or have any discomfort during the surgical abortion procedure.

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