Do you perform free abortions at your clinics?

Free Abortions are not typically found in the United States. In effort to give back to the women in the communities we serve, we occasionally offer Free Same Day Abortion Procedures in the first trimester of pregnancy after paying the fee for the mandated State of Florida sonogram (ultrasound).

Abortions may be performed at lower costs if individuals are found eligible (or meet certain criteria).

The normal cost of our first trimester (3 to 14 weeks) in-clinic surgical abortion and medical abortion first trimester procedures range in price from $725 to $2,500 depending on the geographic location in Florida, VIP and exclusive private appointments.

The normal cost for second trimester and late term surgical and medical abortion abortion procedures (14.1 to 24 weeks) may range in price from $1000 to $35,000. The second trimester same day medical abortion procedures can be started and completed 99.9% of the time in 24 hours or less with less than a 1% chance of complications or side effects.

At the present time, we are able to provide discounts up to $198 off the regular price for abortion procedures from 3 to 12 weeks in our Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando offices. We understand that obtaining an abortion for some women and their families can be a financial challenge.

At our Women’s Centers, we strive to keep our prices as low as possible, and offer more services than any of our competitors in our complete package, including the option of Advanced IV Sedation on certain days at specified facilities at no cost which can be up to a $160.00 savings. We accept cash, credit cards, money orders and cashier checks.

Currently we are offering Surgical Abortion Procedures from 3 to 10 Weeks in our Fort Lauderdale office for $320.00. If one qualifies for financial assistance, that price may be decreased. The reduced fee also includes FREE IV Sedation and Emergency Contraception.

We urge you to visit our website often for special offers, reduced fee specials and future Free Same Day Abortion Procedures. For more information: Same Day Abortion Procedures.

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