Will my parents be informed if I use their insurance?

Whether or not your parents will be informed of you having an abortion procedure, getting prescriptions for birth control or antibiotics to treat Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) depends on the State you live in and the laws of individual Insurance Companies.

It is important to call your insurance company to inquire what their policies are regarding disclosing your health information and if there may be something that can be done to prevent this from happening.

By law, children have been granted the right to continue under their parent’s health insurance until age 26. Insurance companies can mandate are only reimbursed when they disclose one’s health information without the child’s permission.

Insurance companies are able to send this information by mail and or over the internet to the owner of the health insurance policy. It may contain the diagnosis, procedures that were performed and prescriptions that were filled at the pharmacy.

Abortion is a very sensitive and private matter for any woman. Many women do not want their medical information disclosed to anyone. It can be a matter of life and death.

Women have been murdered by a parent, relative, friend or significant other due to an individuals strong beliefs and emotions regarding abortion.

The woman may be black balled from her family due to what some believe is embarrassment and shame.

What Is A Woman To Do If She Wishes To Use Her Health Insurance Coverage But Does Not Want Her Private Information Disclosed?

One must call customer service or similar number on the back of the insurance card to inquire regarding your privacy matters

The answer many times is that the State or Insurance companies laws are such that they have no option but to send the reports to the owner of the policy.

There may be an exception written into the policy that says that “if life is endangered”, they are not required to send the information. Their interpretation of endangerment may not include abortions.

One can ask if the third party information can be sent to a different address than the primary address of record. With some Insurance Companies this may be possible.

There is still the issue of digital documentation that may be accessed online by parents. Many people do not realize the digital distribution issue until too late. One can request if online access for the patient be restricted to only her being able to review.

Prescriptions that are prescribed and paid for by insurance companies are also sent to third parties.

There are many insurance companies that will not pay for abortion except if it presents a threat to the mother’s life, health, rape or incest

At the end of the day of doing thorough research and asking the right questions, you will have enough information to decide on how to proceed regarding submitting the claim for the procedure through your health insurance.

There are many women that make the decision to pay out of pocket for their procedure either because their insurance will not pay or they do not want to take the risk or repercussions involved with someone finding out.

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