The Cost Of An Abortion In Orlando, Florida.


The Cost Of An Abortion In Orlando, Florida.

In Orlando, Florida, the cost of an abortion varies depending on different factors such as the type of procedure, the facility, and the distance of the pregnancy. The Orlando Women’s Center is providing a safe and secure space for women to access affordable abortion services in Central Florida.


We strongly believe every person deserves the right to accessible healthcare including reproductive choices regardless of age, gender identity, economic means or residential status.


We will help ensure all your options are explored thoroughly before deciding on the course of action that best fits your circumstances.


The Average Cost Of The Abortion Pill In Orlando.


Different facilities carry different price ranges for the abortion pill, depending on a variety of factors such as location, regional laws, and the facilities’ operational costs Nonetheless, the average cost of an abortion pill in Orlando or the United States ranges from $300 to $800.


Our Abortion Clinic In Orlando performs the Same Day Abortion Pill Procedure with medications that are taken during the first visit.


They cause the abortion to occur within 4 to 6 hours (some may occur as soon as 30 minutes) for patients who are 3 to 12 weeks.


Privacy is a main concern for most women. Complete privacy and confidentiality can be assured with the Same Day Abortion Pill Procedure in our Orlando clinic.


A driver or chaperon is not required and patients who do not wish to remain after taking the medications are permitted to return on the following day or as soon as possible thereafter if they are less than 12 weeks.


The Cost Of a Surgical Abortion In Orlando.


Surgical abortions, which involve procuring an abortion through an in-clinic procedure, usually cost more than the abortion pill. The price can be affected by factors such as the type of procedure, the stage of pregnancy, and the region.


First Trimester: Typically, a surgical abortion during the first trimester (up to 12 weeks of pregnancy) can cost between $300 to $950.


Second Trimester: The cost for a second-trimester surgical abortion (13 to 24 weeks of pregnancy) is generally higher and can range from $600 to $2,000 or more.


Third Trimester: Surgical abortion procedures later in pregnancy (after 24 weeks) are less common and more expensive, potentially costing several thousand dollars.


Late Term Abortion Cost In Orlando, Florida.


Typically, late term abortions are significantly more expensive than earlier abortions, due to the increased medical risks and procedural complexity.


In Orlando Florida, the cost of a late term abortion can range anywhere from $1,500-$7,000, with some insurance companies not covering the procedure unless it is deemed medically necessary.


This means that individuals who seek out a late term abortion may be facing a hefty financial burden on top of an already emotionally draining decision.


It’s important to note that insurance coverage for abortion procedures varies. Some health insurance plans cover the cost, while others do not. In some areas, financial assistance programs and sliding scale fees may be available to help offset the cost for those who qualify.


Advanced IV Sedations For Abortion


Using advanced IV sedation in abortion procedures ensures that patients undergo the process with minimal discomfort, maintaining safety through careful monitoring and skilled administration of sedative agents.


With the Advanced IV Sedations patients are not required to discontinue eating the night before and may drink clear liquids up to 2 hours before surgery.


On average, the cost of IV sedation can range from $100 to $300 as an additional fee to the abortion procedure itself.


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