Pain, Sedation and Anesthesia – Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that each and every patient deserves the choice to be as comfortable as possible when undergoing an abortion procedure. We find that the majority of patients do very well with minimal to no sedation, especially those with little fear or anxiety. For patients who do not want to remember very much about the procedure we offer regular IV sedation. For patients who want to have a completely pain-free procedure, we offer either Deep IV Sedation or General Anesthesia. The latter two are not offered at all of our offices and General Anesthesia is only offered certain days of the week at one or two of our facilities.

Our standard IV Sedation is included in the surgical abortion fee. It helps patients to not remember the procedure, relieves anxiety and allows them to be comfortable and relaxed as the abortion procedure is being performed. With our regular IV Sedation, patients may feel some or all of the procedure, but discomfort in general will be alleviated.

For an additional fee, we offer technologically advanced IV sedation that allows patients to recover within 45 minutes to an hour and be able to drive themselves home, thus eliminating the need for someone to come with them to the office. The medications are stronger, faster acting and reduce pain and anxiety. This option is for patients who want to have complete privacy and not need to discuss their termination procedure with anyone. This advanced IV sedation is usually enough to reduce anxiety, stress, and the discomfort that patients have during the surgical procedure. Over 50 percent of the patients do not recall any part of the abortion procedure.

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