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We’re not just an abortion clinic. We are an organization comprised of highly dedicated professionals committed to providing the highest quality reproductive health and abortion care services in a safe, supportive atmosphere of warmth and compassion.

Our physicians are highly skilled experts with extensive experience in performing abortion procedures; including the latest techniques for surgical, medical and same day abortion by pill, as well as the most advanced methods of IV Sedation. The safety standards of our physicians remain unparalleled and they consistently maintain the lowest complication rates throughout the nation.

They have made this deeply personal choice to provide pregnancy terminations for women because of their strong beliefs that women, not governments or religious organizations, should be able to choose whether or not to have a child. Risking their own lives and personal safety, our physicians remain steadfastly devoted to making certain that women who choose to terminate a pregnancy should be able to have an abortion in a safe, comforting, supportive environment.

Our offices are managed by women who care deeply about how women feel. All clinical staff are licensed or certified and trained in their area of expertise. All staff members are non-judgmental, non-biased and sincerely committed to ensuring that every patient’s safety and well-being are of the highest regard.

We understand that terminating a pregnancy can be a stressful, difficult decision. Our goal is to not only provide the highest quality of healthcare, but to give every patient the individualized support and attention she deserves.

All abortion clinics must be licensed and adhere to state and federal regulations. We pride ourselves not only in meeting those requirements, but in many areas exceeding them. Why? Because we care. It is not our goal to simply comply with the basic expectations or to only perform to minimum standards. Our mission is to be the best, not the average; to provide excellence, not just the essentials.

Many of our staff members have dedicated several decades of their lives to providing abortion services. They selflessly give up evenings and weekends in order to allow for appointment times that are more convenient to patients, and repeatedly endure the daily harassments of anti-abortion demonstrators.

We do not hire individuals who are solely interested in earning a paycheck or working a nine to five job. Is it our policy to employ only those who are compassionate, caring and genuinely dedicated to providing and upholding a woman’s right to safe, legal abortion. Our offices are staffed by multi-lingual employees and we are able to provide forms or video tapes in more than one language.

Our offices are immaculately maintained and reflect a tasteful, warm environment. We are able to provide reduced rates to patients who qualify and will make every effort to help secure financial assistance to those in need. We offer a vast array of appointment days and times, including evenings in some locations, and in most cases a patient can be seen on the same day or on a walk in basis.

Our managers conduct evaluations on a daily basis to assess the quality of care provided in their facilities. They regularly observe how staff are treating and relating to patients. Listening from a patient’s point view how they are spoken to on the telephone and greeted upon arrival for their appointment.

Not just monitoring for competency when patients receive their lab testing, but also whether staff is interacting with patients in a comforting, kind manner. Counseling session are evaluated to determine that patients aren’t just signing consent forms, but also that they are given ample opportunity to ask questions, to have them fully answered, and to allow for discussion about their feelings or any concerns they may have.

Patients are never just given a sample pack of birth control pills with a prescription refill and told they must have a pap smear if they wish to have more. Trained medical personnel assist the patients with making contraceptive choices that are most appropriate with a patient’s health history, with consideration to her individual birth control needs and desires, and according to her financial circumstances.

All patients are offered emergency contraception. Patients are given information about family planning services which include birth control, protection against and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, as well as other gynecological disorders.

Every facility maintains reputable referral sources for ob/gyn specialists, mammograms, and other areas such adoption, public health assistance and post-abortion counseling.

Throughout a patient’s visit, the facility administrator monitors for patient comfort and staff attentiveness. We place great importance on this portion of a patient’s visit. We have private patient-only waiting rooms with comfortable seating areas that contain flat screen cable TV and a private restroom. WiFi and an abundance of reading materials are also available.

In recovery, our patients are not just provided with a one type and one size fits all drink and snack while having their post-operative vital signs monitored. Our recovery areas have comfortable recliners, heating pads, flat screen cable TV and private restrooms. Patients are offered a variety of drinks and snacks.

The recovery areas are staffed by qualified, compassionate employees at all times. Patients receive comprehensive post-operative instruction, on-call and after hour contact information, and medication samples as well as other items in a discrete take-home bag prior to being escorted from the building to their automobiles or those of their companions.

We believe that every patient is entitled to a private, safe medical procedure provided by empathetic and skilled professionals in an atmosphere of warmth and compassion.

We understand and will go above and beyond standard acceptable practices to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Many of our staff personnel have also faced the heartbreak of an unplanned pregnancy.

We’re not just employees providing a service. We’re also mothers, daughters, aunts, sisters and friends. We do what we do because we care. We care about each other. We care about you. And we care deeply about the rights of all women everywhere.

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