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Important Notice to All Young Women Age 18 and Under

Florida Law requires that all women age 18 and under who aren’t married and don’t already have children, to notify a parent or guardian in person or by phone, 48 hours before an abortion procedure, if that’s not possible, notice must be provided by certified mail 72 hours in advance.

A young woman can also go to a judge to seek a waiver, and judges can grant a waiver based on the young woman’s level of maturity or because she has been a victim of parental abuse, or if telling the parents is not in her best interest.

Parental Notice
Parental Notice is to be completed by a minor’s parent or legal guardian. They must certify that they are the parent or legal guardian of a minor who is less than 18 years of age and not legally emancipated. They must state that they have been informed of their daughter’s/ward’s decision to obtain an abortion and that they waive the requirement of 48 hours actual notice or 72 hours constructive notice before the procedure can be performed and their understanding that their daughter’s/ward’s abortion may proceed at any time. The waiver is in effect not more than 30 days before the termination of pregnancy. The waiver must be signed and notarized.

Acceptable Forms of ID & Approved Documents:
Minors must prove their age by bringing one of the following: a state issued photo ID; driver’s license; passport, green card or certificate of naturalization; or school ID with birth certificate.
If they are exempt from parental notification, other documents will be required:

If married or divorced: they must bring a state issued marriage license or divorce certificate.
If they have a dependent child: they must bring the child’s birth certificate.
If they have a judicial bypass: they must bring an official copy or the original bypass.

Parents must verify their identity by providing:

  • Photo ID* with name
  • Child’s Birth Certificate

Legal Guardians must verify their identity by providing:

  • A certified Letter of Guardianship from the state
  • Photo ID* with name matching guardianship papers
  • Your child’s birth certificate

* This can be a state issued ID; driver’s license; passport, green card or certificate of naturalization.

Exemptions from Parental Notification:
In a few situations, the law concerning parental notification does not apply.
A Minor DOES NOT need parental notification if:

  • They are married or divorced
  • They have a minor child dependent on you
  • A medical emergency exists and there is not enough time to comply with the notification requirements
  • They get a court order to bypass (or “waive”) the parental notification requirement


Judicial Waivers must be obtained from the county in which a minor resides.

A minor may obtain a judicial waiver to parental notification through a court mandate granted by a judge. This mandate must prove through clear and convincing evidence that:

The minor is sufficiently mature to decide whether to terminate her own pregnancy.

A preponderance of evidence shows that there is evidence of child abuse or sexual abuse by one or both of the minor’s parents.

By the preponderance of evidence that the parental notification is not in the minor’s best interest.


Contact Information for Assisting Minors with the Judicial Waiver Process:

Orange or Osceola County:
Dependency Case Coordinator
Juvenile Justice Center
2000 East Michigan Street
Orlando, FL  32806
Office: 407-836-9560

Contact Information for Assisting Minors with the Judicial Waiver Process in Hillsborough County:
Case Coordinator
(813) 221-5134

 Palm Beach County Courthouse
Juvenile Department, Rm 3.22, 3rd Floor
205 North Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, FL

Martin County Courthouse
Juvenile Department, 2nd Floor
100 SE Ocean Boulevard
Stuart, FL

Indian River County Courthouse
1st Floor
2000 16th Avenue
Vero Beach, FL

Broward County Courthouse
Rm 444
201 SE 6th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Miami-Dade County Courthouse
Juvenile Court
3300 N.W. 27 Ave. Rm. 100
Miami, FL

Marion County Juvenile Justice Department
3040 NW 10th St,
Ocala, FL 34475
(352) 620-7405

We have all Parent/Guardian Notification Forms available for our patients, including:

  • Minor’s Authorization to Notify her Parents
  • Declaration of Minor Regarding Marriage Exemption
  • Declaration of 2 Minor Regarding Dependent Child Exemption
  • Waiver for Parent or Guardian
  • Instructions for Petition for Judicial Waver

Staff members can assist all minors with guidelines and forms

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