Is it necessary to come to the facility for a pregnancy test before my appointment?

No. It is not necessary because we will be performing a pregnancy test along with your other laboratory tests on the day of your procedure.

You may walk-in to our clinic facilities if you wish during normal business hours for a free pregnancy test.

You may also schedule to have a sonogram to determine the number of weeks pregnant, if carrying a twin pregnancy or diagnosing ectopic pregnancy.

Our abortion clinics are located in Orlando, Tampa and Ft Lauderdale.

The abortion pills for one month pregnancy is performed with very little risk and nearly 100% successful with minimal bleeding with cramps and pain similar to a bad menses.

The pregnancy abortion pills are a combination of Mifepristone that stops the growth of the pregnancy and Misoprostol that causes uterine contractions and the passing of fetal tissue.

Twin pregnancies or breastfeeding mothers are able to have abortion using the Abortion Pill Process or a surgical procedure.

A same day termination of pregnancy procedure may be done at any of our abort clinics when you walk in for a free pregnancy test in most cases.

Surgical in clinic abortion risks and Abortion Pill procedural complications occur less than 1% of the time.

The cost of the abortion pill in Florida for a first trimester pregnancy ranges in price from $0 to $2,000.

The geographic location, need for a private or after hours appointment or private donors and non-profit organizations being able to contribute to the cost of the procedure determine the price of the procedure.

You may search the keyword “clinics for abortion near me” to locate free clinics for abortion in your area.

Please do not hesitate to call or visit our abortion clinics in Florida anytime.

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