RU-486 | Benefits, Inconveniences Of The Abortion Pill Procedure.

RU-486 | Benefits, Inconveniences Of The Abortion Pill Procedure.

Invented in 1982, the abortion pill is not a contraceptive technique but a drug intended to induce an abortion in the event of an active pregnancy. It is also not emergency contraception.

The scientific name for the abortion pill is “RU 486”. RU is the acronym of the Roussel-Uclaf laboratory which put it on the market, and the three digits 4-8-6 correspond to the sequence numbers of the synthesis of the molecule. Its active substance is mifepristone, marketed under the name Mifegyne®.

How The Abortion Pill (RU-486) Works?

The active substance in the abortion pill, mifepristone, acts as an antihormone. It will compete with progesterone in pregnancy and cancel its effect by not promoting the implantation of the egg but its detachment.

How The Abortion Pill (RU-486) Works?

The Abortion Pill Is Highly Effective

The Benefits Of The Abortion Pill

  • Its effectiveness: It is highly effective, between 95 and 98% success especially if it is taken early at 4 or 5 weeks of pregnancy.
  • The simplicity of the procedure: Most women who choose medical abortion are pleasantly surprised at how easy the process is and would choose this method again if they had to do it again. In about 95% of cases, it avoids surgery and the risks associated with it.
  • Privacy: This is a method that respects your privacy because the abortion will occur at home, surrounded by people of your choice.

What Are The Inconveniences of Taking The RU-486 Pill?

  • The Risk Of Failure: Although the risk of failure is minimal, the abortion pill is not 100% effective since there is 2 to 5% failure. In case of failure, it extends the time of the finality of the abortion since the pregnancy continues to evolve. There is a mandatory check-up two weeks after taking it, some women do not. As they have bled, they say to themselves that it worked but they can find themselves in very delicate situations.
  • Bleeding and Cramping: Abortion with medication is just like a natural miscarriage, so abdominal cramps and bleeding are to be expected. The bleeding may be intermittent for about 2 weeks or more. You may have to go to the clinic if the symptoms and the pain are too severe.
Cramping is a Common RU 486 Side Effects.

Cramping is a Common RU-486 Side Effects.

Does Taking The Abortion Pill Affect Your Future Fertility?

Normally, administration of the abortion pill does not cause infertility problems or serious complications in subsequent pregnancies. The main factor that can compromise your fertility is not abortion but your age, because fertility declines exponentially after 35 years. Women who see an abortion clinic are, with some exceptions, very fertile and will remain so after their abortion.

RU-486 Does Not Cause Infertility Problems.

RU-486 Does Not Cause Infertility Problems.

An abortion is often a long and difficult emotional and decision-making process. Please feel free to ask your questions and discuss your concerns. The role of health professionals is to support, accompany and guide you on this journey.

Dr James S Pendergraft | Orlando Women’s Center

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