Post Abortion Stress Syndrome | Emotional Side Effects After An Abortion.

Post Abortion Stress Syndrome

Post Abortion Stress Syndrome (PASS) | Emotional Side Effects After An Abortion.

Even if it is a choice, the psychological consequences of abortion are often underestimated. The post-abortion syndrome (Voluntary Pregnancy Termination) is still a too little known taboo which can plunge some women into a contradictory emotional state between relief and guilt. Many women decide to not talk about their suffering. They consider that having freely decided to abort, they must assume this choice alone and prefer to protect themselves by walling themselves in silence.

The Symptoms

All women who choose abortion are faced with hormonal changes and a psychological experience that can lead to more or less intense and lasting symptoms: a feeling of guilt and ill-being; the impression of not being understood by those around her; isolation, loss of sexual desire, anorexia; pain on the anniversary of the abortion; irritability or anger; anxiety with sometimes sleep disturbances.

PASS Syndrome

PASS Syndrome

Dealing With Guilt

Whatever the religious, social or cultural environment, guilt is natural and more or less important in every woman. This normal feeling should not be repressed because it is part of the grieving process which is often lacking and can lead to psychological problems in the long term. Unresolved guilt can result in several symptoms: depression, self-contempt, complexes or fears of infertility as well as physical intercourse.

In general, there will be no psychological consequences of an abortion if the following conditions are met:

  • A period of reflection was respected.
  • The woman had access to all the information she needed (from her gynecologist, family planning, etc.)
  • The abortion was not performed under pressure.
  • The family is present and supports the woman in her approach, without guilt or judgment.
  • The abortion was performed by healthcare professionals under optimal medical hygiene conditions.
Emotional and Mental Health After Abortion

Emotional and Mental Health

Emotional and Mental Health After Abortion

Emotional health is an important part of our overall health. It allows us to face the challenges of life and enjoy its pleasures.

Women’s feelings after having an abortion vary. It can be surprising to learn that statistically, the risk of emotional problems is higher after childbirth than having an abortion, due to postpartum depression. Generally, a well-considered decision and good support from those around us before an abortion improves the chances of being able to live well afterwards.

It is essential to seek help from a psychiatrist or psychologist as soon as the abortion has taken place. When we overlook problems, they can corrupt our future outlook, dreams and desires. Confronting a past abortion allows us to freely express our grief, so that we can heal and finally move forward with joy in life.

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