Abortion Clinics Near Me – Finding A Reputable Abortion Facility In Florida


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Abortion Clinics Near Me – Finding A Reputable Abortion Facility In Florida

Putting an end to pregnancy is a big decision that one may take in life. One should not forget that abortion affects one’s body in the end, thus seeking help from a professional should never be overlooked. Abortion is difficult both physically as well as mentally, and you should be prepared for all of it well in advance. It has been more than four decades that abortion has become legal across the US, but the taboo around abortion persists in haunting.

abortion clinic near me

Abortion clinics near me

Each woman must make the decision as to whether she is willing to go through an abortion procedure. You must search under “abortion clinics near me.” to find a facility in your vicinity. According to a study, half of the pregnancies in the US are inadvertent, and four in every ten pregnancies are aborted. What is lacking though is the knowledge about this delicate subject. Not everyone is aware of the abortion procedure and authentic clinics around Florida.

Most people do not discuss the topic of abortion unless a personal friend, family member or yourself is carrying an unforeseen pregnancy. People believe myths and rumors more than real information regarding abortion. Fear, guilt and shame regarding a accidental pregnancy.

Brief History Of Abortion And The US

In 1973 U.S. Supreme Court ruled that women have the legal right to an abortion. The “Roe v. Wade,” case set a revolution by legalizing abortion. The court ruled that it is a right of a woman to get an abortion and nobody has the right to force a woman into not getting an abortion.

The court made clear that the fetus which cannot survive outside the womb is not a living entity. The law spoke in favor of women who consider having an abortion. They stated that women had the right to privacy and the right to get an abortion.

Before you understand the criteria to find the right abortion clinic in Florida, steering clear of abortion-related facts (specific to the US) seems all the more important.

Abortion In US: Facts That You Should Know

1. Americans Support Abortion Rights

There is no doubt fact that Americans are the broadest minded Homo sapiens in the world. That forms the key reason behind them supporting a woman’s decision and right to get an abortion. In simple words, people do not judge people getting an abortion! According to a study, about 54 percent of people support the legality of abortion. Approximately 70% supported the decision in favor of abortion by the Supreme Court in 1973.

Fact: In 2013, there were nearly 89 percent of abortions conducted within the first twelve weeks.

2. Legal Abortion Is Riskless

The U.S. has some of the most stringent laws revolving around abortion in the world. When you look for any “abortion clinic near me,” the first thing is to make sure that you know the legality of the procedure in your respective state.

New restrictive abortion laws are being proposed among many States in the U.S. on almost on a daily basis.

There may be many people in your life suggesting you should be against the abortion procedure.

With the right abortion clinic, you will not have to worry about not knowing the facts. Patients are counseled on the risks and benefits of the abortion procedure.

The woman must be certain in her decision to proceed with the termination process and it cannot be that she is being forced to have the abortion.

Fact: There is only a one percent chance or less the abortion operation will lead to complications.

3. The Abortion State Laws Are Unstable

For the record, the Roe decision made it possible for women to attain an abortion. The abortion rate seemingly increased many fold which seemingly it did after abortion was legalized.

One must keep in mind that the number of abortions that take place whether or not abortions are legal or illegal remain the same.

What changes is the incidence of maternal morbidity and mortality significantly rises once abortion laws are significantly restricted or made unlawful.

The number of abortions in the US have started to decrease. This is occuring for three reasons:

1. Better birth control methods including Emergency Contraception.

2. Restrictive abortion laws that has lead to over 50% of abortion clinics closing their doors over the past 10 years.

3. Women are returning to self inducing their abortions. They are turning to the internet to by abortion pills onlinedue to their 1) dire financial status, 2) not being able to take time off from school or work, 3) many states have passed 24 to 72 hour waiting period. Paying for travel, food and board makes it nearly impossible for thousands of women in the US to obtain medically supervised abortions.

The stringent state laws revolving around abortion and the violence created by the anti-abortion community have forced women to risk their life and health due to people in government attempting to control a woman’s womb.
When looking for “best abortion clinics near me,” make sure they are legal and are known for doing the right thing.
Fact: Making abortion illegal can only amplify problems. Women retort to self-harm when safe abortion is not something they can gain access to.

4. The Wave Of “Pro-Choice” And “Pro-Life”

In the United States Abortion Rights Movement, there are two terms that have emerged to describe one side vs the other. Each side can be strongly opinionated on their view.

The terminology usee is namely; pro-choice and pro-life. When it comes to pro-choice, it is the socio-political movement that supports a woman’s legal right to undergo an abortion.

Whereas the latter is an anti-abortion movement that supports the belief that abortion is a wrong. both on moral and health grounds.

The belief that killing a budding life is a crime is the idea behind pro-life. The supporters of both the movements are nearly equal with everyone having their own opinions.

abortion rights

Abortion rights

Fact: According to a 2018 Gallup survey, the supporters of pro-choice and pro-life stood equal, i.e., at 48 percent.

5. Florida And Parental Notification

Each state has its own set of regulations and perceptions when it is about abortion. There are nearly 37 states in the US that require parental consent in one form or the other.

Florida is one of such states that requires parental consent. The state law points out that at least one parent should be informed before an abortion. The law is stricter when it comes to abortions in minors.

The parental notification requirement can be overruled by the court of law.

Note: According to 2014 abortion stats, 60 percent of women were in their 20s, 59 percent already had one or more children, and 86 percent were not even married.

The Types Of Abortion Methodology

Before you have an abortion, you should know about the various abortion methods available. Here are the common abortion techniques that help safely eliminate a pregnancy:

1. Abortion Pills

Also called the medical abortion, the abortion pill is an easy way to end an early pregnancy in the comfort of your home. If a woman is pregnant for ten weeks or less, she can choose to have the abortion pills. There are generally two pills that are categorized under the “abortion pill”; namely; mifepristone and misoprostol.

abortion pill near me

Abortion pill near me

When you look for “abortion clinics near me,” make sure they discuss everything that you should know about abortion pills.

The first pill (Mifepristone) is given to you at the clinic. This pill hinders the growth of the pregnancy by blocking the body hormone; Progesteron. The lack of progesterone causes the blood vessels supplying the pregnancy to stop. The pregnancy separates from the lining of the uterus which may lead to uterine cramping and at times vaginal bleeding.

The second tablet (Misoprostol) binds to Prostaglandin receptors which causes uterine contractions and expels the fetus.

The Doctor may prescribe antibiotics that may help prevent infections.

Regarding Misoprostol, It is usually taken within 6-48 hours after taking the first medication. The second pill may be administered sublingually (underneath tongue, buccally (between cheek and gum) or inserted vaginally. The tablets are generally taken at home. This and results in cramping, followed by bleeding.

The process can be may be painful and there may be a period of heavy bleeding. The latter is defined as bleeding more than two maxi pads for two hours in a row.

The majority of patients pass the pregnancy products in 4 to 6 hours. The severe cramping and heavy bleeding generally stops immediately after the gestational tissue passes.

Effectiveness Chart:

Pregnancy Time                                       Success Rate

Less than or equal to 8 weeks:               98%

Between 8-9 weeks:                                 96%

Between 9-10 weeks:                                91%-93%

2. In-Clinic Abortion

If your pregnancy is not eliminated with the abortion pills, an in-clinic surgical abortion is an alternative.

If your pregnancy is further than ten weeks, a second trimester or late term abortion procedure can be performed using the Abortion Pill method or using Misoprostol alone.

Using the abortion pill method for 22, 23 and 24 week pregnancies is quite common. Third trimester medical abortion pill procedures are performed when there are maternal and fetal indications.

Most Physicians in the U.S. do not venture past 10 weeks to perform the medical abortion with Mifepristone. There may be no other option than to choose an in-clinic vacuum abortion. This abortion method utilizes suction or “Dilation and Evacuation” procedure to eliminate the fetus from the uterus.

Suction abortion or aptly the vacuum aspiration is a common in-clinic abortion method. Gentle suction is used to clear your uterus. This method is generally applicable to women who are 14-16 weeks into pregnancy.

The other type of in-clinic abortion is Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) method. This method utilizes both the suction and other surgical tools to remove the pregnancy from within the endometrial cavity.

Even in late second trimester or late term pregnancies (17 to 24 weeks), the surgical procedure can be performed.

Once you visit an abortion center, they will examine you and conduct lab tests. This will help ensure the number of weeks pregnant you are.

The procedure would start after a complete inspection of the body. The surgical suction procedure takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Due to further Dilation of the cervix and a larger amount of pregnancy tissue that needs to be removed by delicate forceps, the Dilation and Evacuation procedure takes about 10-20 minutes to perform.

The Procedure for Suction Abortion

-Examination of the uterus is the first step to be conducted.
-The doctor next places a speculum to examine the vagina.
-A local anesthetic (Lidocaine) is injected near the cervical area for numbing purposes.
-Use of dilating rods stretch the opening of the cervix.
-A thin tube is inserted through the widened cervix to reach the uterus.
-A small suction device would be utilized to remove the pregnancy tissue from the uterus gently.
-Less commonly used today is a surgical instrument that is a manual metal curette. It is used to remove any residual. tissue and ensures the successful elimination of the pregnancy.

The Procedure for Dilation and Evacuation (D&E)

-Manual Examination of the uterus is the first step to be conducted.
-The doctor next uses a speculum to examine the vagina.
-Local anesthesia is injected near the cervical area.
-Use of dilating rods for stretching the opening of the cervical area is performed.
-A thin tube is inserted through the widened cervix to reach the uterus.
-Utilization of suction device along with a set of medical tools to eliminate the pregnancy tissue from the uterus.

Finding An Abortion Clinic Near You

When in search of “abortion centers near me,” you can’t skip looking for the best. Owing to the legalization and authentication concerns, the clinic you choose should be highly regarded in the community. For your convenience, here are some factors you should consider before making the decision which abortion clinic you will use to end your pregnancy.

1. Certifications Ensure Authentication

One should always prioritize looking for a licensed abortion clinic. This is the first step that shouldn’t take a back seat. Just because a clinic promises you a safe abortion, doesn’t mean they are licensed.

All Physicians and nurses in the clinic should be certified to perform the job at hand. In the United States, it is essential for an abortion clinic staff to have the standard education and experience in the field.

The nurses should be licensed Vocational nurses (LVNs), Physical Assistants, or Registered Nurses. However, the decrease in the number of clinics has been witnessed. Still you can find ample clinics ready to serve you in the best of your interests.

Fact: There are about twenty million unsafe abortions that are undergone on a yearly basis. And, that is what should be addressed by looking for authenticated abortion clinics.

2. Clinic Should Maintain Transparency

Abortion is a sensitive subject! No matter what the reason for an abortion, it is the woman who has to bear the pain and the consequences. You may be looking for an “abortion center near me,” but have you given a thought to how these clinics answer your queries and how are they transparent about the information you should know? It is your right to know everything about your condition, whether it is complexities, and other abortion-related consequences.

If the clinic staff have answered your questions and have shown you they are compassionate and caring, then the majority of the time, the procedure will be performed in a highly efficient and safe manner. A reputable and an authenticated abortion clinic should be able to:

-Impart knowledge on the importance of contraceptive usage.
-Only advertise services that they actually provide.
-Offer viable pregnancy tests without luring women with a free pregnancy test.
-Demonstrate the actual medical process of the abortion through brochures or website blogs.
-Stick to medical professionalism rather than promoting religious views.

Fact: According to a 2017 poll, almost 57 percent of people believe that abortion should be legal if the woman gives her consent.

3. An Unwavering Reputation

To start with; an abortion clinic should be a preacher of “pro-choice.” A clinic that supports a woman’s decision to eliminate her pregnancy and assist her constantly is a reliable one.

One should always look for a reputable abortion clinic that has had a strong track record in the past. Go through the online reviews; ask friends and family before considering a particular clinic in Florida.

A trustworthy abortion clinic should be respected and should be established with relevant experience in the field. Also, a clinic should set forth and discuss every abortion method before their patients.

The pros and cons of each of the methods used should be made clear without any biasing. If a woman feels hesitant, the clinic staff should break the taboo around their thinking to make them comfortable. Expect this from a reputed abortion clinic:

-Holds the required certifications for all the abortion procedures the clinic offers
-Have the latest technology equipment that offers effective results
-Offers comprehensive information about both abortion pills and the surgical procedure
-Maintains cleanliness around the facility
-If there are complexities, the physician should discuss them with the patient
-The clinic staff conduct themselves in a professional manner.
-Follow the standard set of laws for the state of Florida

Fact: The ultrasound laws in Florida require the clinic to display and present clear images to their patients. No tampering with the images is acceptable.

4. Offering A Clean Overall Environment

When you end up finding “abortion places near me,” the next step is to pay a visit to the facility. The moment you enter the clinic, your first impression should go right. The environment should seem to be clean, and organized. No bad odor should be present, and the aura of the place should reflect positivity. If at any moment you feel that something is wrong, then opting out and looking for another clinic is highly recommended.

Abortion Facility Florida

Abortion Facility Florida

Maintenance of sanitation is the basis of providing satisfactory medical cleanliness. This includes the reception area, rooms, and medical tools. Everything should be clean to its very core. As a matter of fact, a medical abortion clinic needs to maintain a clean and healthy environment. If they do not do so, they are likely to lose their license if an inspection is conducted.

Fact: Nearly 88 percent of abortions are conducted in the first trimester of pregnancy itself.

5. Clinics That Take Responsibility

When a woman decides to get an abortion , she has the right to ask all the valid questions until she is satisfied. It is the responsibility of the clinic staff to counsel you and to help you become at ease.

No woman is ever truly prepared for an abortion. It is the responsibility of the Physician to assure patients are comfortable and definitive on their decision to end their pregnancy.

The priority should be to look for an abortion clinic that looks after all your needs and does not hide anything from you.

Being a southern state, Florida has moderate restrictions pertaining to abortion rights. Make sure the abortion clinic you choose abides by the standard state laws without any compromise.

The abortion clinic should help you prepare for the abortion. They shouldn’t be acting as money-making machines but true dedicated care providers. When you find abortion clinic near me, make sure they also offer 24/7 online or on-call support in case of any queries or emergencies.

Your doctor should be able to answer:

-Whether abortion would be the right decision for you?
-Are there any complexities involved with abortion?
-How much will the entire process cost?
-How long does the abortion process normally last?
-What are the pre-care and post-care requirements?
-What abortion method would work best for you?

Fact: The abortions that are performed by professional and experienced clinical doctors have a very low rate of health complications.

6. Clinic That Offers Respect And Care

No one in this world has the right to judge you! Getting an abortion may be your choice for what circumstances have brought you. Making you feel guilty would be no less than a crime.

It is your right to be treated with respect and care. The abortion clinic that does that for you is the best in the arena.

Safe abortion clinic

Safe abortion clinic in florida

If an abortion clinic makes you comfortable and at ease; you are at the right place. They should be very kind to you. You should never feel the clinic is morally judging you. A clinic that believes in “pro-choice” instead of “pro-life” is the right place.

In simple words, make sure you are feeling physically as well as emotionally safe.

Fact: Approximately 59 percent of abortions take place in the first eight weeks of pregnancy.

7. Don’t Overlook The Cost Factor

If you need to get an abortion done, and a clinical facility asks you to deposit a hefty amount of money, you should reconsider. You do not need to stay in a money-hungry clinic.

You can research online and find other abortion clients to compare price and how far they go in weeks of pregnancy.

In-clinic abortion procedures vs outpatient abortion pills normally have a different cost structure.

One should know that the cost of abortion may vary from state to state. Also, the time frame of your pregnancy is a deciding factor of the cost of the pregnancy. If looking for “free abortion clinics near me,” it is important to know that is possible under your respective insurance plan. However, not all insurances cover abortions, so it would be better to contact your insurance provider for assistance.

Before you choose a reliable abortion clinic, be clear with the following:

-Enquire all the services that will be included in the presented cost structure
-Is medicinal aid included in the cost structure?
-Are all the lab tests and ultrasound included in the cost?
-Is there extra expenditure involved for follow-ups?
-Can private insurance or Medicaid be used to cover the abortion?
-Discuss any discounts or offers they provide

Fact: Do you know public funding for abortion is only available in case of life endangerment, rape, or incest?
8. Clinic With A Relevant Experience

The most important factor to consider before finalizing an abortion clinic is the experience the clinic holds in its respective field. One should not forget qualification is important.

Knowledge, experience, and expertise are the three primary elements that work together to make an abortion clinic the best among the lot.

One should never take any risk when it is about one’s health in particular. Review the abortion clinic and check on their website for how much time they have been operating.

Fact: For years, if people used the virtual assistance “Siri,” to find an abortion clinic, it would direct its search towards pregnancy crisis centers.

9. Rely On Your Intuitions

It is rightly said, “Intuition is the whispering of the soul.” When you look for an abortion clinic and pay a visit there, you get a feeling from inside whether it is right or wrong.

When it is about your safety and health, trusting your intuitions is the best thing you can do. If your inner self is satisfied, you will be happily agreeing to get the procedure done. If the opposite is true, then do not have the procedure performed.

If there is anything about the clinic that makes you feel uncomfortable, or there seems anything fishy; do not force it! You always have an option to reconsider your choice. You could also rely on reviews and feedback to make sure you are in the right place.

Asking questions is never wrong! Make sure your physician is there to make you feel comfortable and addresses each of your doubts gracefully and honestly.

Ask Yourself:

-How does the person over the phone sound?
-Is the clinic staff friendly and cooperative?
-Does the physician sound knowledgeable?
-Is the clinic staff a good listener and answers your questions?
-Do you feel comfortable or uneasy?

Fact: Many States in US require women to undergo a sonogram prior to the abortion procedure. In some States, it is required to discuss the fetal anatomy at that particular age for the fetus.
Questions That Abortion Providers Should Answer (FAQs)

1. Is Abortion The Right Option For Me?

Before you find “abortion clinic near me,” get to know whether the option is right for you. If you wish to get an abortion done, then please proceed to do so.

2. Why Do Women Consider Abortion?

There are multiple reasons why women choose to end their pregnancy. They all boil down to a common denominator. That is it is not the right time for the woman to become a mother. There are common reasons:

-When women wish to postpone childbearing
-A woman or a couple can’t afford the baby
-The partner has denied taking the responsibility
-If the to-be-mother is a minor
-If the couple wishes to have no more children
-There is a considerable risk to maternal health

3. Reasons Behind Late Abortion

Some women opt for an abortion late in the pregnancy. While this may be quite surprising, here are some common reasons behind the same:

-A woman did not get to know that she was pregnant
-If a woman failed to arrange for an early abortion
-If she could not have the courage to tell her partner or parents
-A woman could not decide to continue or abort in time
-If a woman was forced not to have an abortion in the initial phase
-A fetal issue was detected later in the pregnancy

4. Is Abortion Safe?

Whether it is the medical abortion or surgical abortions, both are completely safe. You would find a lot of myths revolving around abortions, but none of them are true. That is one reason, behind the pro-life wave. Statistics suggest that every 1 out of 3 women have an abortion in the USA by the age of 45.

Abortion facility in florida

Abortion facility in florida

5. What Is The Feeling Like After The Abortion?

Once the abortion is complete, you may feel weak owing to cramps and bleeding that may occur. Your health provider could suggest you rest after the abortion. Activities that require exertion are a complete no-no. .

There are chances that you would also be a victim to mood swings due to the hormonal changes in your body. Post-abortion depression is another side-effect that may occur.

Women who are highly susceptible have a history of significant anxiety in past or not have family support. Most women post abortion are immediately relieved.

6. Would Abortion Hurt?

The pain of abortion is similar to experiencing menstrual cramps. The pain level varies from one patient to another. Some may experience excruciating pain, while some may feel just a little bit of unrest. When you choose the best “abortion centers near me,” make sure they offer you medications for controlling the pain. Also, make sure your loved ones are near you to take care of such a delicate condition.

7. What Is The Fatality Rate Of An Abortion?

Stats suggest that there are one in a million chances that a woman would die from abortion when conducted by a legal clinic led by experienced professionals.

On the other hand, it is the childbirth procedure that has a higher fatality rate associated with it. Thus, you can be sure that abortion is much safer than you think.

8. Are There Chances Of Infertility?

This is the greatest myth of all that a woman undergoing an abortion can’t bear children later. Even if you undergo an abortion more than once, you will be able to bear healthy children later.

There is no medical fact that links abortion to infertility. No matter what one says, always remember you can have children, whenever you decide to have them.

9. Is The Abortion Procedure Confidential?

The decision to get an abortion done is yours! It is your right to keep the information only to yourself. Nowhere would a reputed abortion clinic disclose your information to anyone. It is one thing you need not worry about. Whether it is your safety or security; the right medical facility would do its best to upkeep it.

10. Do Women Regret Opting For Abortion?

The feeling after an abortion is different for different women. Most of the women feel relieved and stress-free after an abortion. There are women that may regret the decision of abortion due to moral and ethical grounds.

Approximately 99 percent of women felt their decision to abortion was right. Post abortal Depression may occur. For most patients it is temporary. If lingers more than a week or two, psychological intervention may be appropriate.
How To Find A Legitimate Abortion Clinic In Florida?

There are several abortion clinics across Florida, but not all of them follow best practices. When you find, “abortion places near me,” on Google, it will list several available clinics near you.

It is you who would have to choose wisely and make a decision that works in your favor. However, it is tricky to make out what clinic would be worth choosing. Here are some things to keep in mind, so that you aren’t fooled into something just like that.

1. Get Referrals From Friends And Family

Online advertisements have increased to the extent that people believe them to genuine. If a advertisement says “Legal,” you can’t always believe it to be true.

The best thing that may help would be referrals and suggestions from friends and family. You may also ask for suggestions from your family doctor. If you have someone you trust by your side, asking them for suggestions is could be helpful.

Fact: There are nearly 4000 fake abortion clinics (crisis pregnancy centers) that exist across the USA, referred to as “crisis pregnancy centers.”

2. Looking For Nearest Aid Could Be Helpful

When a woman decides to get an abortion, it may be for convenience. be convenience. That is the reason why it is recommended to search for an abortion clinic near me. It is important to go to nearby abortion clinic if possible in case of an emergency. Follow-up visits are essential to schedule and keep.

Fact: In the USA at its peak, there were approximately 3322 abortions in a 24 hour period. That accounted for 1.2 million abortions annually. Now the yearly figure is below 700000 termination procedures recorded by the Government.

The lower figure is misleading because of the rise in self-induced abortions that are occuring in the US due to State law restrictions. Improved birth control measures have also contributed to the decline in abortion numbers.

3. Conducting An Online Research

When you enter,” top rated abortion clinics near me,” on the Google search engine, the search results will include all clinics near you, Therefore, one should look for legitimate resources online that lists all genuine clinics near you.

These resources make sure all the licensed abortion clinics get listed without any bias. You could refer to sources such as “Planned Parenthood,” or even “National Abortion Federation.”

Fact: Total abortions in Florida accounted to 64,942 in 2017. The stats were made available by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration.

4. Conduct A Thorough Website Inspection

If in case, while browsing for abortion clinics near you, you happen to land on a website that seems legitimate only because it has a great design, there are chances you may be mistaken.

The right thing would be to inspect the website and the information they provide thoroughly. A forged (crisis pregnancy) abortion center does not impart the right knowledge to its readers.

Make sure they have a Abortion Clinic License. Look for the services they provide and if they impart positive facts. That means if an abortion clinic website says that an abortion is unsafe, affects fertility, and is morally wrong; do not go for it.

Fact: In the USA, about 30% of women will have an abortion by the age of 45.

5. Call Before You Book An Appointment

Before you book an appointment at the nearest abortion clinic, make sure to make a call beforehand. You should be able to discuss and ask questions over the phone. The person on the other end, should be able to address all of your concerns.

If the patient support officials fail to make you comfortable with talking to them on phone, then you have called the wrong facility. Trusting your gut feelings would be the best thing to do at that point.
Fact: Informing at least one parent before an abortion is mandatory in Florida. A parent’s consent is not!

6. Stay Aware So No One Can Fool You

The key to making the right decision are being aware. In this era of technology and learning, anything and everything is possible with the help of the internet. Get your facts straight; understand that there is nothing wrong with an abortion.

Make sure you know all the facts about the abortion process.

You should know that abortions have minimal complications and side effects. It does not affect fertility, it does not lead to breast cancer, and it does not cause depression. When you know your facts well, no clinic can make you believe otherwise.

Fact: Undergoing an abortion after 24 weeks is prohibited in Florida. However, this rule does not follow in case the mother’s life is in any kind of danger.

How Pregnancy Crisis Centers Deceive Women?

The main motive of most of the pregnancy crisis centers is to persuade a woman from not getting an abortion. Most of these centers follow the principle of “pro-life,” and mislead women by imparting the wrong facts. The common types of misinformation you need to be wary of include:

1. If the abortion clinic suggests you look for alternatives to abortion, or wait a little longer. They may tell you that you may get a miscarriage, i.e., natural abortion. Please understand that you are more than likely at a fake Abortion Clinic.

2. Abortion clinics that are not honest about facts related to abortion will not stay in business long. Women at such fake centers are told that contraception is useless and that condoms can cause cancer. These centers promote abstinence over the desire to get sexually involved with your partner.

3. Most pregnancy crisis centers consider abortion an unsafe practice. The only motive of such centers is to promote the risks related to abortions. The information is so misleading that thousands of women fall prey by believing them. The relation of abortion to pelvic diseases, infertility, excessive bleeding, and even death are nothing else than a con.

Abortion facility in florida

Safe abortion facility in florida

4. Another common myth promoted by pregnancy crisis centers revolves around breast cancer. They falsify the information by convincing women that they have a higher chance of breast cancer. This is absolutely not true..

5. An all-time non-believable myth that a woman seeking an abortion would suffer from psychological problems is deceptive.. Post-abortion trauma or post-abortion stress, are some issues that have been exaggerated by pregnancy crisis centers for many years. Everyone worries about depression and that is why such fake abortion centers take advantage of the situation.

6. The key agenda of pregnancy crisis centers is to imbibe regret in women. They want every woman to feel regretful about giving up on a new life and killing it for their own good. They frighten women and force them to decide otherwise. Such centers also give references from the Bible stating that women should not have sex until marriage.

Abortion is a safe procedure causing no harm in turn. Think wisely, and try to boycott pregnancy crisis centers, altogether.

Wrapping Up

There has been a taboo revolving around abortions in the USA. It is important to gather the facts regarding the benefits and risks of ending an unintended pregnancy.

When looking for options to terminate abortions in Florida, make sure you are aware of the respective laws in the state. In Florida, it is important to inform one parent at least 48 hours before the abortion. A minor can bypass parent approval only if the court permits.

There is a lot to consider when making sure you find the right clinic to end your pregnancy. The key is to make an informed and wise decision. Look for “abortion clinics near me,” and make sure it fits to the legitimate criterion mentioned above. Lastly; there is nothing wrong with being pro-choice. Everyone should want abortion to remain legal and safe. It is the ethical and moral choice to make.

Dr James S Pendergraft Orlando Abortion Clinicwww.womencenter.com.

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