Free Abortion Clinics Tampa Florida | Free Emergency Contraception.

Free Abortion Clinics Tampa Florida | Free Emergency Contraception.

There is a Abortion Pill Clinic in Tampa that perform abortions at a reduced rate or from time for Free. This is only for the Medical Abortion Procedure only that uses a two pill process. The first pill is Mifepristone (RU 486, Mifeprex) which is a anti-progestin and Misoprostol (Cytotec) is a prostaglandin.

Women are able to get the Morning After Pill for free at our Abortion Clinics who undergo a medical or surgical termination of pregnancy. It is our Abortion Clinics goal to distribute to all women of reproductive age Emergency Contraception (Morning After Pill) who do not wish to have an unwanted pregnancy. The Morning After Pill should be given immediately after the unprotected sexual event in order to achieve the highest chance of pregnancy not to occur. The only way to achieve this is for the woman to have the Emergency Contraceptive in her purse or medicine cabinet.

There have been over 3 million Abortion pill procedures that has been performed in the US since 2000. Over 50% of abortions less than 8 weeks are now performed using the abortion pill process. It is highly efficient and safe with a successful abortion rate of over 98% for pregnancies 8 weeks or less.

There are women who believe the abortion pill can kill you. There has been 1 patient that has died from the complication of an ectopic pregnancy in a study. There have been approximately 4 deaths in the US and 2 in Canada that died from fulminant sepsis within 24 hours after insertion of the misoprostol vaginally. There are some medical offices that have stopped using Misoprostol via the vaginal route and only use it orally. There is a higher rate of dying from fulminant sepsis from a normal vaginal delivery or C-section than through termination of pregnancy using the abortion pill.

There are some physicians that advertise the abortion pill procedure can be reversed if a woman only takes the first pill. It is a known fact from previous medical studies that Mifepristone alone can cause termination of pregnancy of 40% of patients who are 8 weeks or less. Mifepristone works as a anti-progestin. Progesterone and Mifepristone compete for the progesterone receptors on the uterus. Physicians who use progesterone say that they can reverse the abortion pill. There are no randomized studies that show this is effective or if there may be side effects or complications using progesterone in this matter. Keep in mind that in 60% of cases, Mifepristone does not terminate pregnancies alone.

There are many medical insurance companies that do not cover the abortion pill procedure. For those that do, the abortion pill procedure will show up on the insurance bill. This could definitely be an issue when privacy is a top priority and potentially cause significant familial and social problems.

The abortion pill causes.vaginal bleeding in close to 98 to 99% of pregnancies. Bleeding lasts normally for 5 to 16 days. Bleeding may only last for 1 day or as long as 60 days. When bleeding does not occur, one must consider the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy or a continued pregnancy. There is also a small number of women with normal early intrauterine pregnancies where bleeding does not occur. Ultrasound and serial quantitative blood beta-HCG may be required.

The abortion pill has been legal in Florida since Sept. 2000. Before that time the combination of Methotrexate and Misoprostol was used to perform the Medical Abortion procedure. The abortion pill cannot be purchased over the counter. It cannot be purchased at Walgreens or CVS by prescription. The Abortion pill can be obtained from physicians who have experience with medical abortions, many abortion clinics and hospitals.

Mifepristone is taken on the initial visit to the abortion pill clinic. There are several ways and methods that Misoprostol can be taken. Misoprostol tablets can be taken orally, placed underneath the tongue, placed between the cheek and gum and the abortion pill may be inserted inside the vagina. However the Misoprostol is taken, they all have a high success rate in terminating pregnancy.

There is a very small chance that the abortion pill will affect future fertility. The chance of that occurring is far less than 0.01%. For women who follow directions on how to take the medications and instructions on when to call the medical office, the chance if any serious complication is rare.

The morning after pill does not cause abortion. Once pregnancy occurs it does not work. The morning after pill prevents or delays ovulation. There is no evidence that morning after pills inhibit sperm migration in the fallopian tube or damage to the egg. It does not inhibit implantation of the blastocyst into the intrauterine wall. The morning after pill does not cause cancer, make you infertile or cause pain when you take them.

The morning after pill is not bad or harmful to the body. There are no major side effects or contraindications to the morning after pills. The way morning after pills can make one sick is to cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness, minor lower abdominal pain and cause early or delayed menstrual bleeding. The menstrual bleeding may present as spotty.

If after 10 days of taking the morning after pill, a pregnancy test should be performed due to the possibility of the morning after pill having failed.

The morning after pill can be found in the over the counter feminine section of Walmart, Walgreens and CVS. There is generally no age limit on who can purchase them. The cost of the Emergency Contraceptive pill ranges from $40 to $65. It may be covered for free if your physician writes a prescription and it is covered by your medical insurance. If the pregnancy test is positive and you wish to have an abortion, it may be performed surgically or by the abortion pill process. There is no evidence that the morning after pill is effective after 5 days.

In summary; our Abortion Pill Clinic at times performs the medical abortion procedure at a reduced cost or free. We give the Emergency Contraception Pill away free to all women who undergo abortions at our Family Planning facilities. This reduces unwanted pregnancies up to 96% if taken immediately after the unprotected sexual event. In turn this reduces significant maternal morbidity and mortality because of an unplanned pregnancy.

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