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Women’s Centers Late Term Abortion Care. We remain steadfast in our commitment to ensure that every woman who receives medical care in any one of our Florida Late Term Abortion Clinics be treated with the utmost respect and consideration.

Abortion Pill Procedures Performed in Only One Day or 24 hours.

Abortion Pill Procedures Performed in Only One Day or 24 hours:

  • Have you recently had one or more episodes of unprotected intercourse within the past month and think it may be too late to use Emergency Contraception?
  • Is your period not yet late or less than a week late and fear you may be pregnant?
  • Have you just found out you are further in the pregnancy than thought and in urgent need of an abortion?
  • Have you just learned that you are 24 weeks today find it imperative to have an abortion procedure started immediately?
  • Do you need a late term or second trimester abortion procedure started and completed on the same day?
  • Are you on vacation or a business trip from a country where abortions are illegal or difficult to obtain and need to have a clinic abortion near me before you return?
  • Have you learned that you are pregnant and have severe kidney dysfunction or other disorder in which pregnancy poses a threat to your life and a danger to your health?
  • Are you pregnant by someone other than your husband or boyfriend and requires the ultimate private clinics for abortion and driving yourself to the office?
  • Are you looking for a clinic where you can have an immediate, same day abortion procedure where you will be given the utmost care and be treated with kindness and compassion without the need for surgery?
  • Have you been searching for an abortion clinic where your privacy is protected and you are not required to have someone accompany you to the facility?
  • Does the idea of the abortion pill or medical abortion procedure seem like the best choice but you feel skeptical or apprehensive for fear of the procedure not working?
  • Are you looking for a Women’s Center where you would feel relaxed and comfortable the entire time during your visit?
  • Perhaps you are someone who would like to have an abortion pill procedure but do not have anyone to stay with you at home or feel that the procedure may take too many days to complete?
  • Do you fear there may be too much pain and discomfort?
  • Is there an abortion clinic that will care for patients in the medical office throughout the entire abortion pill process?
  • Are you looking for a clinics of abortion. where the abortion pill procedure has close to a 100% success rate in less than 24 hours on the same day of the initial visit?

If you answered yes to one, some, or all of the questions above, then please read on.

Welcome to the Women’s Center Same Day Abortion Clinic Services where Medical Abortion (Abortion Pill) Procedures from 3 to 24 weeks are performed safely.

Our Late Term Florida Abortion Clinics located in Tampa, Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale have nearly 30 years of Abortion Pills Experience Utilizing the Same Day Medical Abortion Methods.

The combined out-patient and In Clinic Abortion methods can be performed in the first trimester (3 to 14 weeks), second trimester (14.1 to 28 weeks), third trimester (28.1 weeks or further) and late term abortions (21.3 weeks or further).

Our Same Day Abortion Pill (Medical Abortion) process is started and completed within 24 hours or less 99% of the time with less than a 1% chance of having any complications or side effects.

What Is The Abortion Pill (Medical Abortion) Name?

The modern day Abortion Pill Method consists of two different medications:

  1. Mifepristone (RU 486, Mifeprex, Mifegyne, Early Options, French Pill)
  1. Misoprostol (Cytotec)

How Do Abortion Pills Work?

First Trimester Mifepristone Mechanism Of Action (MOA)

Mifepristone works by blocking the hormone Progesterone that is responsible for maintaining the pregnancy and its growth.

When Mifepristone binds (attaches)to the Progesterone receptors on the wall of the uterus, it causes sloughing (breakdown) and necrosis (deterioration) of the blood vessels in the uterus.

It leads to increased intrauterine (within the cavity) pressure and uterine contractions. The fetus then separates from the uterine wall.

First Trimester Misoprostol Mechanism Of Action (MOA)

Misoprostol is a Prostaglandin E1 that is FDA approved for the prevention of stomach ulcers in patients who chronically use Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Medications (NSAIDs)

There are Prostaglandin receptors on the uterine wall. When Misoprostol binds to those receptors, the uterus begins to contract. This leads to abdominal cramps, vaginal bleeding and the fetus being expelled.

How Does The Abortion Pill In Second Trimester and Late Term Abortion Work?

Prior to women going into labor at term, there is a precipitous (sudden) drop in the level of Progesterone. The reason that this happens is unknown.

The decrease in Progesterone causes uterine contractions, increase local production of prostaglandin in the lining of the uterus, softening and opening (dilation) of the cervix.

The lowered amount of circulating Progesterone allows an increase in uterine sensitivity (easier response) to the usage of Misoprostol. In other words, there is a lower dosage amount of Misoprostol that is required to complete the induction of labor process.

Mifepristone is used to reduce the Progesterone levels as described earlier.

Misoprostol causes Uterine contractions and induction of labor.

The Abortion Pills used to perform the second trimester and late term abortion process are highly efficient and safe.

The abortion pill methods are utilized in the late second or third trimester of gestation when the pregnancy poses a threat to the mother’s life or health or there is a significant lethal fetal congenital abnormality or anomaly or incidence of rape or incest.

Why Do Women Choose The In Clinic Abortion Second Trimester And Late Term Medication Procedure?

The medication is easy to take and the instructions are easy to follow. Directions should be followed precisely for the best results.

The r1easons why most patients choose to initiate the abortion pill or medical abortion process at our abort clinics facilities are the following:

  1. Do not want to risk an incomplete procedure
  2. Do not have anyone at home to assist or help them
  3. Want the utmost in privacy and do not want anyone to know that they are going through this procedure
  4. They like the idea of the abortion pill procedure but prefer a one day process over the regular abortion pill procedure which consists of taking two sets of medications over a 48 hour period and requires returning to the office for a follow-up sonogram in one or two weeks.

Patients who are unable to stay in our offices until the abortion process is complete, may elect to return the following day or within 2 weeks for a sonogram to determine the abortion process was successful.

What Is The Success Rate Of The Pregnant Abortion Pills?

There is a 94 to 98% success rate with using the combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets from 3 to 10 weeks on an outpatient basis.

When utilizing the combination of the in clinic and outpatient abortion pills procedure, the success rate is closer to 98 to 100%.

The success rate depends on several factors:

  • The number of weeks pregnant – the earlier the pregnancy, the higher the success rate
  • The dosage, frequency and route (oral, between the cheek and gum [buccal], underneath the tongue [sublingual] or vaginal) the medications are given. The vaginal route has the highest success rate and highest chance of severe infection.

Misoprostol tablets alone were used to terminate pregnancies from 3 to 24 weeks for many years before Mifepristone was on the market anywhere in the World.

Misoprostol tablets are still used today alone to terminate pregnancies when Mifepristone is or is not available. The use of the combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol has a higher rate of success completion compared to using Misoprostol alone (94 to 98 vs 88 to 97).

How Long Does It Take For The Pregnancy Tissue To Pass?

Most patients between 3 to 14 weeks gestation complete their procedure within 4 to 6 hours.

Patients between 14.1 to 24 weeks generally complete their procedures between 10 to 18 hours.

Women from 3 to 24 weeks have completed the procedure in 30 minutes or as long as 24 hours.

For the majority of patients, there is no surgery, sedation, nor the necessity to bring someone to the office.

A follow-up exam or sonogram with the One Day Abortion procedure. A sonogram is performed prior to discharge to assure the pregnancy tissue has passed.

Patients who do not wish to stay or can’t stay after taking the medication, are allowed to return to the abortion clinics office the following day or a day that is convenient if less than 12 to 14 weeks gestation.

How Do You Know If The Abortion Pill Worked?

Women who pass the pregnancy tissue in the office will be reassured the abortion pill worked by having a abdominl or vaginal sonogram performed prior to discharge.

For women who are sent home prior to the pregnancy tissue being passed, the only way to know with 100% certainty the abortion process is complete is to return to the office for followup where a sonogram will be performed.

Does The Abortion Pill Hurt?

With the steps used to carry out the abortion pill process at our Clinics Abortions facilities, there is minimal pain and discomfort.

Over 50% of women do not require any medication for discomfort. Nearly 40% of women are able to control their pain with over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, Advil or Motrin. Approximately 5 to 8% of patients require narcotics for pain control.

Misoprostol Only Abortion

We have been offering the Misoprostol Alone Abortion Procedure in the first trimester at our Abortion Clinics In Tampa and Orlando, Fl. for over 20 years.

The Misoprostol-only Medical Abortion medication may be taken at the first office visit or another day that is convenient.

The abortion tissue passes within 6 to 8 hours (as early as 30 minutes) for patients who are 3 to 12 weeks pregnant.

It takes slightly longer for the pregnancy tissue to pass using Misoprostol alone compared tp the Abortion Pill (Mifepristone and Misoprostol) Procedure (3 to 4 hours) and the success rate is slighly lower.

Abortion Pill vs In clinic Abortion (Surgical Curretage)

The Abortion Pill and Surgical Abortion procedures are highly safe. The chance of complications or side effects for both are less than 1%.

The maternal death rate is 11 to 14 times greater for a normal term delivery than a surgical or abortion pill procedure.

Women are terrified of having complications from surgery. Although surgical abortions are safe, there is a higher incidence of perforation (puncture) of the uterus, cervical tears, bowel and bladder injury, damage to the fallopian tubes and ovaries and anesthesia complications.

The highest reason for maternal deaths in the US when undergoing a surgical abortion procedure is related to anesthesia complications.

Advantages of Medical Abortion vs Surgical Abortion:

  • Neither Physicians or other Medical Personnel will be able to determine that a individual had a medical abortion performed. For many women this privacy and confidentiality is absolutely necessary.
  • A woman early in her pregnancy generally knows when she is having a miscarriage.
  • There is no need to call her personal doctor.
  • Many women may not wish to inform anyone she had an abortion procedure, but may feel it necessary to explain why she is no longer pregnant by saying she is having or had a miscarriage.
  • There are women who find it necessary to go to the Emergency Room with the onset of cramps and vaginal bleeding after taking the Misoprostol tablets. They may be under duress from family members or spouse to do whatever possible not to miscarry.


Regular Abortion Pill Method Same Day Abortion Clinic Method
Where Pills Are Taken In Office: 1st Set;
2nd Set 48 to 72 Hours Later
In Office: Misoprostol Tablets Only
Completion Time 3 to 5 Days
(90 to 94% Success Rate)
Same Day:
3 to 12 Weeks
(Usually within 4 to 6 hours)
Can be as early as 30 minutes
Nearly 100% Success for patients who remain in the office.13 to 20 Weeks:
30 minutes to 24 hours
(Generally 4 to 16 hours)21 to 24 Weeks:
30 minutes to 24 hours
(Generally 4 to 12 hours)
Follow-up Sonogram 1 to 2 Weeks after
Initial appointment
No Follow-up Sonogram Required
Side Effects

Failed Abortion; Retained Tissue;
Heavy Vaginal Bleeding; Rare Chance of Blood Transfusion

Minimal to none if instructions followed
Success Rate 90 – 94% for 3 to 9 Weeks Nearly 100% for 3 to 24 Weeks
Need for Surgery 6 to 10% Possibility Less than 1%


What Are The Abortion Pills Side Effects?

The most common side effects associated with the Same Day Abortion Pregnancy Tablets Procedure are noted below.

The Abortion Pill Second Trimester and Late Term Abortion Risks and Complications are the Same As In The First Trimester of pregnancy.

They include the following:

  • Headaches
  • Fever and chills
  • Shivering
  • Chills
  • Jaw Pain
  • Chest and Shoulder Pain
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Lower back and abdominal discomfort
  • Diarrhea
  • Vaginal bleeding.
  • Clear or Yellow Vaginal Discharge
  • Yeast Infection

The most serious complications and side effects include the following:

  • Severe Hemorrhage- bleeding more than 2 pads in 2 hours. 0.2 to 0.5% of women may require a blood transfusion
  • Severe Pain- pain not relieved with over-the-counter pain medication when attempting to do routine nor activities
  • Temperature greater than 100.4 for more than 24 hours
  • Incomplete Abortion- pregnancy tissue retained inside the uterus- sumptoms include lower abdominal discomfort, cramping, bleeding and low grade temperature
  • Continued Pregnancy or failed abortion – No bleeding or pain after 24 hours of taking Misoprostol

The severe complications noted above are rarely if ever seen at the Women’s Centers Same Day Abortion Clinic in patients who are 3 to 24 weeks due to dosages, routes of delivery and frequency the medications are given.

Serious side effects generally need immediate evaluation by medical personnel. Patients are given explicit instructions on when to call the 24 hour phone number.

Repeat of Misoprostol doses in patients where the abortion process failed may be considered after medical evaluation of the patient.

A surgical dilation and curettage may be required to remove the pregnancy tissue from the intrauterine cavity less than 1% of the time.

Advanced IV Sedation

Advanced IV Sedation are short acting Medications that are in and out of the body within 15 to 20 minutes. They are highly effective in reducing pain and anxiety throughout the surgical abortion process.

Advanced IV Sedation allows women the privacy and convenience of driving themselves to and from the office without the need for a driver or escort.

What Is The Cost Of Abortion?

The costs of the Surgical and Abortion Pill (medical abortion, non-surgical, chemical) procedures are comparable.

The price in the first trimester of pregnancy range from $0 to $2,000.

The cost of second trimester and late term abortions range in price from $0 to $35,000.

The cost of abortion procedures are based on several factors:

  • Geographic location of the Abortion Facility
  • VIP or Exclusive Services – Patients who wish to make an appointment to be seen first where they may be in and our of office in 2 hours or less or have a private abortion clinic setting where they are the only patient in the medical facility
  • Private Donors or non-profit organizations give money to cover the complete or partial cost of the abortion procedure

Are There Cheap Abortion Pills Or Free Clinics For Abortions Near Me?

Our Women’s Center’s strive to keep our abortion procedure prices as low as possible. Our Abortion Clinics do offer free first trimester medical abortion procedures from time to time.

All abortion procedures at our offices may be performed using the Abortion Pill Process and completed within 24 hours in 99% of patients with minimal to no complications.

Birth Control – Women (Internal) Condom

Ovulation may occur as soon as 5 days after the abortion is complete. Sperm are capable of living for 5 days.

The Female, Internal or Women Condom are terms used to describe a pouch with a ring on both ends used to protect against pregnancy and STDs. They can be inserted into the vagina or anus. It prevents sperm from entering into the female cervix and uterus.

The Women (Internal) Condom is made up of a non allergenic synthetic latex material. It is pre-lubricated with a silicone based lubricant. The Latex reactions and allergies are significantly less.

The Female (Women) Condom is 79% effective in preventing pregnancy. It is exceedingly efficient in preventing HIV/Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s).

Male condoms have a higher incidence of protection against unwanted pregnancy (85%) or STI’s when used properly.

Unlike the male condom, the male penis does not need to be firm to utilize it. It can also be inserted as long as 8 hours prior to usage.

The female condom is more expensive ($3 to $5) compared to the male condom ($0.10 to $1.50).

The Female Condom can only be used once and then discarded. A new Internal Condom must be used with each sexual encounter.

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