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How Much Does a Surgical Or Medical Abortion Cost In Florida? | FAQs

At The Orlando Women’s Center, we offer safe, compassionate, caring and high quality abortion services. We are an efficient, low-cost in-clinic and outpatient abortion facility.

We are open 24 hours and 7 days a week for early and late term abortion procedures. We use the most worldly surgically and medically (abortion pill) advances to terminate pregnancies.

Our methods and medications used for pain management are the envy of other abortion clinics and Physicians who perform abortions.

When are abortions legal in Orlando?

In Florida, like in all the states, you may undergo an abortion procedure with or without medical justification.

Medical indications are required for late-term abortions after the fetus attains viability. Fetal viability (ability to live outside the mother’s womb) typically occurs between 23.5 to 26 weeks of pregnancy. This is determined by an experienced and knowledgeable physician evaluating the fetus regarding its viability on an individual basis.

Contact our Women Center’s in Orlando, Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. for further information regarding our medical and surgical abortion procedures from 3 to 24 weeks, aftercare and birth control that includes emergency contraception to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Are there low-cost abortion clinics in Orlando?

Abortion may be costly prohibitive for many women who reside in Orlando, the State of Florida and many cities across the U.S.

Medicaid does not cover the cost of elective abortions in the State of Florida. Medicaid does cover abortions in Florida if the pregnancy is the result of incest, rape or sexual violence.

It is rare for private medical insurers to pay for elective abortions except when an additional abortion rider is added on top of the regular health insurance policy.

This leaves 50 to 60% of women who inquire if there are legal, safe and low cost abortion clinics in Orlando and other cities in the State of Florida.

The answer is Yes. There are low-cost abortion clinics in Orlando and one of them is called the The Orlando Women’s Center.

What services are covered in abortion clinic costs?

Abortion costs covered include the following

  • Lab work (blood and urine) to test for anemia, pregnancy test and Rh factor.
  • Pregnancy sonogram (ultrasound) to determine weeks of gestation
  • Antibiotic & pain medications if required
  • Prescription for birth control
  • A 3 to 4 week follow-up care visit

Our Low-Cost Abortion Clinics in Orlando, Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale offer discounts and at times are able to perform free abortions. This is mostly due to private donors or non-profit organizations that freely give what they have to lessen the financial burden for hundreds of women who seek our services.

How much is an abortion in Orlando FL clinics?

There are different cost considerations for both medical and surgical abortions. The final amount that you pay depends on several factors:

  • The number of weeks pregnant you are.
  • Whether the procedure is performed in a hospital, a private Physician’s office or a Abortion Clinic.
  • possible complications or side effects that may be anticipated due to the patient’s previous history.

One can expect to pay less for early first-trimester abortions (3 to 12 weeks) and more for late term and second trimester abortions (13 to 24 weeks).

In Orlando, FL, the medical abortion pill and surgical abortion procedures in the first trimester of pregnancy range in price from $500 to $1,500 before discounts.

On the other hand, second trimester abortions range in price from $1,000 to $35,0000 before price reductions are applied.

Are abortions services in FL covered by private insurance?

As a general rule, the answer is No.

Florida law does not require private insurers to include elective abortions in their health plans. This applies to both individual and employer plans—they do not cover abortion costs except for life endangerment or fetal abnormality cases.

How Do You Find The Best Abortion Clinic In Orlando, FL.?

Less than 70 abortion clinics now service the entire State of Florida. Over 80% of counties have no abortion facility. This requires patients to not only take time off from work or home, but to travel far distances to obtain high quality, safe and efficient abortion services.

At The Orlando Women’s Center, we are committed to helping as many women as possible to have access to low cost abortion services throughout the State of Florida.

We provide professional and affordable abortions to all women who come to us from all parts of the world. Please contact us for further information.

How Do You Find Low-Cost Abortion Clinics In Orlando, Florida?

Ask a general physician for a referral:

Some general physicians may have referral contacts for safe, high quality and affordable abortion services in Orlando. Whether your decision has a medical or non-medical justification, Doctor referrals are generally highly trustworthy.

Inquire with local charitable organizations:

There are many nonprofit and non-governmental organizations that champion abortion as a woman’s right. These organizations provide financial support, counseling and care for women who may be seeking abortion services.

Many organizations work with clinics and subsidize costs. Other’s directly provide free or low-cost services. Start your search here at

Compare Costs Online And Make Phone Calls To Abortion Clinics Near You:

Please search online and call reputable abortion facilities, inquire about their abortion fees and schedule an appointment.

Search online for a licensed and low-cost abortion clinic in Orlando and start comparing costs for each.

Please contact the clinic to receive a clear cost breakdown so that you may factor in the cost of travel, meals, the pre and post-care involved to obtain the total amount of the price for the abortion procedure.

Know Your Budget For Termination Of Pregnancy And Work From There:

Once you determine online or after calling an abortion clinic to determine what the procedure will cost, you can compare it to your budget.

You may need to continue your search for more affordable options, contact charities or find abortion clinics that are able to help pay for your abortion.

Browse through online directories for local options

Try to find an abortion clinic closest to you to avoid unnecessary costs in travel and accommodation. Visit online directories that provide a comprehensive list of abortion clinics in Orlando that may include costs, reviews, privacy, security and comments regarding cleansiness.

Are Masks And Hand Sanitizer Available?

Our offices require wearing of face masks for all employees and patrons alike. There are no exceptions. This rule is in place for the welfare and safety of everyone.

Hand sanitizers are available throughout our buildings.

Look for clinics that have coupons and promotions:

When exploring clinic websites online, you can consider those offering discounts and coupons. Some clinics may be offering a free first-time consultation or discounted rates for referred clients. These offers should help lessen the financial burden for your abortion in Orlando, FL.

Find Hospitable In-Clinic Abortion Facilities With Proven High Quality Care:

Many times the term “low-cost” is associated with cheap and poor services. Clinics that are ready to compromise safety in exchange for affordability should be avoided at all costs.

Find a clinic that operates legally, has qualified professionals and run in a safe, comfortable and clean environment. Our Women’s Clinics in Florida check all of the above boxes.

Read through reviews online:

At The Orlando Women’s Center, we provide the best patient-care and affordable abortion services in Orlando. Our specialists do their jobs with love and care. Our clinic is a safe environment where you will find low cost and comprehensive care.

Stay Positive and Contact Orlando Women’s Center:

Looking for a low-cost abortion clinic in Orlando can be a time-intensive and overwhelming process. At Orlando Women’s Center, we understand your frustration and are dedicated to providing prompt and affordable abortion services.

Thousands of women have been eligible for our discounts and subsidies. Please contact us to learn more.

We Save You Time:

Seeking out to have a pregnancy termination is a time-sensitive matter. The longer you spend looking for low-cost abortion clinics or saving up for the service, the costlier the procedure may become.

There is a higher risk of complications if you seek an abortion later in pregnancy. Please do not wait. Talk to us for guaranteed and affordable abortion services.

Every Patient Receives VIP Treatment For Less:

Our goal is to make your abortion procedure experience affordable, comfortable, confidential, and safe. Every patient undergoes private counseling and their procedure is performed in a private room with state of the art amenities.

There is proper lighting in our environmentally clean facilities. We are here to care for all your holistic health needs.

We Are Nearer To You:

Our advantage is that we are centrally located in the State of Florida. Orlando has more attractions than any place in the world and many places to dine and stay overnight when required.

At any of our abortion clinics you visit, you can expect the highest in quality care, privacy and comprehensive follow-up.

We Provide Aftercare At No Cost:

Unlike other abortion clinics in Orlando and many parts of the State, we don’t charge extra for your follow-up or aftercare services.

If a surgical procedure is required after the abortion pill procedure, we do not charge any additional fee for the procedure. We charge a nominal fee for those who wish IV sedation.

You will have a dedicated team of medical professionals on your speed dial and ready to remedy any complications that may develop after the procedure.

At no point should the affordability of abortion-clinic services compromise quality, safety, privacy or respect.

At The Orlando Women’s Center, our medical personnel are highly qualified and dedicated to their jobs. You can expect to be treated with professionalism, care, kindness, and compassion.

Our abortion procedures are safe and based on scientific and sound principles. Our medical care approaches are all evidence-based.

Our success rates are high and the risk of complications are extremely low. Please call and make your low cost abortion procedure appointment today. Contact us at 407-245-7999 or email

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