Abortion For Fetal Anomalies | The Same Day Abortion Pill Method.

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Abortion For Fetal Anomalies | The Same Day Abortion Pill Method.

Using the abortion pill method to perform same day first trimester, second trimester, and later term abortion for women who are carrying a pregnancy with congenital or fetal anomalies is becoming the norm.

Inducing labor is the preferred method in terminating pregnancies in many countries around the world. This includes countries in Europe, Africa, India and China.

There are Second Trimester and Late Term Abortion Clinics and Physicians in the US and Florida that predominantly use the Abortion Pill method to terminate pregnancies in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

If you are reading this blog, it is more than likely you are carrying a pregnancy that is highly wanted. Finding out that carrying a pregnancy with a severe congenital or fetal abnormality that is incompatible with life is highly devastating not only to the mother, but to her entire family.

There has been a tight bond that has developed between the mother and her wanted soon to be child from the first day she found out she was pregnant.

Having to terminate a wanted pregnancy is just as overwhelming as the loss of a 4 year old child.

Our offices have seen thousands of women who have decided to choose terminating their pregnancy rather than continue to term with a pregnancy that when delivered death has occurred in utero, or generally at birth or within minutes of being born.

The Psychological thought of carrying a pregnancy to term that will suffer significant mental pain, anguish, guilt and distress. Numerous nights of being unable to sleep takes a physical toll.

Faced with the reality of delivery of their child who may have to endure significant pain and still succumb is unbearable for many potential mother’s and their families.

A short list of congenital and fetal abnormalities that are incompatible with life include trisomy 13, 16 and 18, anencephaly, agenesis of corpus callosum, encephalocoele, holoprosencephaly, hydranencephaly, renal agenesis, thanatophoric dwarfism, achondrogenesis, campomelic dysplasia, ectopia cordis, iniencephaly, limb body wall complex, microcephaly, multicystic dysplastic kidneys, lethal pterygium syndrome, osteogenesis imperfecta type VIII, VACTERL association, and acardiac twin.

There are Abortion Clinics that perform the One Day Abortion Pill procedure for Fetal Abnormalities up to 24, 26, 28 and 30 weeks or further when mother’s are diagnosed with a fetus that has a severe congenital or fetal abnormality that is incompatible with life.

The One Day (Same Day) Abortion Pill method is used to terminate pregnancies in 24 hours or less in 99% of cases. The incidence of complications or side effects is less than 1%.

Why Same Day Abortion Pill Second Trimester Method?

The Same Day Abortion Pill has been used in second trimester abortion clinics in Tampa and Orlando Florida for over 20 years. Thousands of patients in the State of Florida Georgia, Maryland, Texas, Virginia, NJ, Kansas, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Illinois, California, Louisiana, Tennessee, New York, Kentucky, Kansas, Illinois, Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas, California, Washington State, Wisconsin and Ohio have flown to Florida to undergo the One Day Abortion Pill second trimester and late term procedures.

Women travel from cities in Florida such as Miami, Hollywood, Kendall, North, Miami, South Miami, Naples, Ft. Myers, Boca Raton,

West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ft Lauderdale, Plantation, Naples, Sarasota, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Daytona Beach, Pompano Beach, Tampa, Lakeland, Destin and Tallahassee to undergo the Same Day second trimester abortion pill procedure at the 2nd Trimester and Late Term Abortion Clinics located in Tampa and Orlando, Florida.

Patients fly in from cities such as Chicago, NY, Atlanta, Houston, Charlotte, Washington, D.C, Philadelphia, Kansas City and Las Angeles to have the one day later term abortion method procedure performed.

Patients travel from foreign countries where abortions are illegal to the US where abortions are lawful. Countries where abortion are illegal include South America, Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia), Europe and Asia. They are able to undergo the one day abortion pill procedures up to 24 weeks.

Medical Abortion Tourism or Circumvention Abortion tourism are the terms utilized to describe patients traveling from their home country where the medical procedure is banned to a country where the abortion is illegal.

Circumvention Abortion Tourism occurs in the US where many States have banned certain abortion procedures or have passed statutes that make abortion procedures unlawful at a certain number of weeks.

Many women and their Families are surprised of the the restrictions that are in place that prevent, stall or hinder abortions from taking place.

Texas, Ohio, Utah, West Virginia, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, West Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina and Georgia have all passed abortion restrictive laws that make it difficult to undergo an abortion in those States.

Other examples of abortion restrictions that have been passed in several States in the U.S. include 1) 24 to 72 hour waiting periods, 2) mandatory sonograms, 3) States forcing physicians and counselors to include statements in counseling sessions that are not true and have no scientific foundation are common.

States additionally are passing laws to ban second trimester abortion procedures after

20 weeks or the Surgical Dilation and Evacuation .method. States give the reason of fetal pain to prevent abortions beyond 20 weeks or instrumental dismemberment (16.5 to 18 weeks or further) to make those procedures unlawful. This is just wrong and untrue. The best scientific evidence available shows that the brain is not developed enough to interpret pain until 28 weeks or further in pregnancy.

The second trimester abortion pill method is highly safe and effective. The abortion process takes less than 24 hours to complete in 99% of patients. This saves patients and their families a tremendous amount of time and expense.

The cost of room and board can double the expenses related to the abortion process when required to stay in a hotel for the normal 3 or 4 days when undergoing the surgical abortion procedure.

The cost of having to hire a babysitter and taking time off from work or school for several days may be a undue burden for many patients and their families.

Induction of Labor using the one day second trimester abortion pill procedure is viewed by millions of people as being a natural process. This is because labor induction is a well known procedure that occurs thousands of times a day in labor and delivery units around the world.

Induction of labor of a preterm fetus that is deceased or non viable is multiple times safer for the mother. It reduces the chance of maternal morbidity or mortality compared to a vaginal delivery or C-Section of a term infant.

Maternal complications associated with term pregnancies are avoided (preeclampsia, eclampsia) and the chance of having to perform a surgical procedure (hysterotomy, C-Section, Laparotomy ect.) are rare.

Surgical Dilatation and Evacuation for Second Trimester Abortions:

Surgical Dilatation and Evacuation Procedures in patients who are are in the early or late second trimester (16.5 to 28 weeks) are highly safe and effective in the hands of Physicians and medical personnel who have many years of experience.

The majority of early and later second trimester abortion procedures in the US are performed using the surgical instrumental method.

Our Physicians have many years of experience performing second trimester and late term abortion procedures surgically when and if required.

Cervical Preparation for Surgical Second Trimester Abortion:

Surgical Second Trimester Abortion Procedures are associated with risks and complications that include the following:

  • Cervical tears and lacerations
  • Cervical Incompetence
  • Uterine Perforation
  • Incomplete Abortion
  • Heavy Vaginal Bleeding
  • Damage to Bowel and Bladder
  • Damage to other pelvic organs such as the ovaries or fallopian tube

In order to reduce the complications or side effects, medications are used that cause softening and dilation of the cervix (opening of the lower part of the uterus) that allow the manual removal of the fetal and pregnancy tissue in a gentle manner with special surgical instruments.

When cervical preparation is done properly, there is rarely the need of having to use dilation instruments which reduces the chance of damaging the cervix.

Medications Utilized for Cervical Preparation:

The cervical preparation process is performed using Misoprostol or Laminaria:

Misoprostol is a prostaglandin that causes the uterus to contract. Uterine contractions allow the cervix to become soft and dilate. Once the cervix opens and softens enough for the number of weeks pregnant the patient is, the surgical procedure may be performed.

Laminaria is sterile seaweed shaped in the form of a matchstick. They are inserted inside the cervix and they begin to absorb water like a sponge. This causes the Laminaria to enlarge slowly 4 to 5 times their original size. This mechanism causes the cervix to soften and open slowly. The old Laminaria are removed and newer ones are inserted. This process is repeated on a daily basis until adequate dilation takes place and the surgical procedure can be safely performed.

It may take 2 to 4 days for the cervical preparation process to take place before the surgical removal of the pregnancy tissue can be performed. It is impossible to predict the amount of time it will take for adequate softening and dilation of the cervix to occur. As a general rule, the further in the number of weeks pregnant, the longer the cervical preparation process will take.

Same Day Second Trimester Abortion Pill Method:

The Same Day Abortion Pill Process consists of the combined use of Mifepristone and Misoprostol to terminate pregnancies in the first, second and third trimester of pregnancies.

Third Trimester Terminations (28.1 weeks, 30 weeks or further) are not performed unless the fetus is found to have a abnormal congenital or fetal defect that is incompatible with life.

Mifepristone (RU 486, Mifeprex, French Pill) usage in the second trimester of pregnancy causes cervical softening, increase in the intrauterine pressure, production of endogenous prostaglandins and increases the uterine sensitivity to external prostaglandin exposure.

Misoprostol (Cytotec) is a prostaglandin that has been used since the late 80’s to early 90’s to terminate pregnancies. Women in countries where abortions are illegal have purchased Cytotec over the counter to self abort their pregnancies. One should always be under medical supervision to terminate their pregnancies due to the complications and side effects that may occur. Some may require emergent care.

Complications Associated with the Same Day Abortion Pill Second Trimester Procedure include the following:

  • Less than 1% chance the abortion pill procedure fails
  • Retained placenta that requires surgical aspiration procedure
  • Cervical tears or lacerations
  • Uterine perforations that may require hysterectomy
  • Heavy Vaginal bleeding

Retained pregnancy tissue and heavy vaginal bleeding are the most common complications that occur when undergoing the medical abortion method in the second trimester of pregnancy. When this occurs, a Surgical D&C may be required to remove the pregnancy tissue in a expeditious manner.

Ultrasound for Second Trimester Abortion Pill Procedure:

A sonogram is a mandatory requirement for all patients to have prior to undergoing any abortion procedure. The number of weeks pregnant can be determined generally within a plus or minus 2 to 7 day time frame. The earlier in pregnancy the sonogram is performed, the more accurate the pregnancy dating. Ultrasound is able to determine placental location and if induction of labor is contraindicated (complete placenta previa).

Intracardiac injection or amnioinfusion to Prevent Delivery of a Viable Fetus:

Several medications can be used to stop the fetal heartbeat prior to labor induction. This assures that resuscitative heroic measures do not have to be performed on a preterm infant which are mandatory by State Statutes and would be the moral and ethical process to follow.

Side Effects Of the In-Clinic Same Day Second Trimester and Late Term Abortion Pill Procedure:

Side effects associated with taking Mifepristone and Misoprostol include the following:

  • Headaches and Dizziness
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Chalky taste in mouth
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Shivering
  • Skin lesions
  • Itchy palms
  • Mouth lesions and ulcerations
  • Lower back and abdominal pain
  • Vaginal discharge and bleeding
  • Diarrhea

The above symptoms are treated with anti-inflammatory medications, Acetaminophen and medications for nausea and pain. Over 7500 patients have undergone the Same Day Second Trimester Abortion Pill process at our Florida later term abortion clinics with minimal to no complications.

Post Delivery In-Clinic:

A sonogram is performed immediately after delivery of the fetus and placenta to assure there are no products of conception that remain in the uterus.

If retained products are noted, medications are given to help the retained tissue to pass. If this does not happen in a timely fashion, a surgical aspiration is performed. This assures that patients will not have bleeding or develop a pelvic infection upon discharge.

Antibiotics are given after delivery prophylactically to prevent a uterine or pelvic infection.

Patients are transferred to the recovery room where their vital signs and the amount of vaginal bleeding is monitored for approximately an hour.

Discharge paperwork is discussed prior to patients leaving the Second Trimester Same Day Abortion Pill Clinic. This includes instructions on how to care for themselves and when to follow-up with their personal physicians or return to the Second Trimester Medical Abortion Center for their 3 week check-up.

Second Trimester Abortion Clinic Costs and Prices:

The cost of second trimester abortion clinic fees vary from one geographic region to another. Even in different locations in a State, prices for second trimester abortions vary. A second trimester abortion consultation may be free.

The price of second trimester abortion and later term pregnancy termination increase on a weekly basis. In essence, the further the number of weeks pregnant the the patient is, the higher the fee. Most abortion clinics attempt to keep their fees as low as possible. The price range is $0.00 to $30,000.00.

There may be private donors and non-profit organizations that are able to help with the cost of the abortion and money for travel and food.

2nd Trimester Abortion Clinic Hours:

It is imperative to see all women as soon as possible who are faced with a second trimester or later term pregnancy who needs to terminate their pregnancy. Time can be of essence. A hour can make a difference regarding the number of weeks pregnant a woman can terminate her pregnancy.

Many patients asks if our second trimester abortion clinics are open 24 hours a day or if it is ,open now or possibly later on today”. We do our best to accommodate any patient with our VIP Same Day Abortion Pill packages. This includes packages where private appointments and arrangements are made to meet the medical staff at the abortion pill clinic office outside of normal office hours. This is done to ensure the ultimate in patient privacy.

In summary;

Fetal abnormalities make up approximately 3% of pregnancies. For the majority of congenital or fetal abnormalities, they are unable to be visualized by sonogram.

High technological ultrasound and genetic testing has allowed earlier detection of women carrying a fetus that has congenital or fetal defects that are incompatible with life. Thus the risks and complications are less the earlier in pregnancy the abortion procedure is performed.

The risks of undergoing a second trimester or late term abortion is significantly safer for the mother than delivering vaginally or undergoing a C-Section at full term.

A second trimester and later term abortion for fetal anomalies can be performed in a abortion clinic setting within 24 hours in 99% of patients with minimal to no side effects, or complications.

All patients are evaluated by our experienced second trimester abortion Doctors and either the Medical Abortion Procedure is performed or patient’s are referred to other medical specialist when indicated.

This One Day procedure has been performed for over 25 years in many countries including the U.S. It is approved by several Gynecological Associations and the World Health Organization (WHO).

To get further information or make an appointment regarding the Same Day Second Trimester or Late Term Abortion Pill Method, please email 24hourabortionclinic@gmail.com

Dr James S Pendergraft Orlando Abortion Clinic, www.womencenter.com.

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