Period Coming Too Soon? Missed Period By One Day Or A Few? Irregular Period? Period Seemingly Stopped? Not Sure When Period Will Occur? Period Suppressed? Having Premenstrual Tension? Having Ankle Swelling? Headaches? Breast Tenderness? Bloating? Going On Vacation? Possibly Engaging In Intimate Relationship Tomorrow? Do Not Wish To Have Menstrual Cramps Or Bleeding? Do Not Want To Worry About Period Interfering With Your Plans? Want Period To Be Regular Again?

Menstrual Extraction May Be The Answer 
• No driver or escort required
• Patient privacy assured
• Bleeding generally stops within 12 hours or less after procedure
• No anesthesia required
• No dilatation of cervix usually necessary
• No antibiotics required
• No pain medication necessary
• Little to no discomfort during procedure
• No recovery required
• Discharged immediately after procedure
• May continue normal work schedule and other activities
• May have sex immediately after procedure

The term Menstrual Extraction was first used approximately 70 years ago and re-surfaced in the early 1970’s when women who were less than two weeks from their missed period performed the procedure on each other. Menstrual Extraction is similar to the surgical D&C; with the following exceptions: 1) it does not involve the use of dilating the cervix opening the womb) with serial dilators that can cause uterine cramps and discomfort, 2) the use of local anesthesia to numb the cervix is not necessary, and 3) does not cause pain and discomfort during the procedure.

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