Abortion Procedures – Frequently Asked Questions

At our Women’s Centers, an ultrasound is performed on all women to determine the length of their pregnancy. Over 90% of abortions in the US are performed on women less than 12 weeks gestation. You may also have a medical abortion (non-surgical) performed up to 9 week’s gestation.

A surgical abortion in the first trimester (3 to 12 weeks) is done by a suction process that removes the gestational tissue from the uterus. The procedure normally takes 5 to 10 minutes. The opening of your cervix is gently stretched open with dilators which allow the tissue to be removed safely. This process can feel like menstrual cramps.

When the opening of the cervix is sufficiently dilated, the contents of the uterus are removed gently by suction. Some women may feel a small amount of pressure during this process.

After the procedure, patients are taken to the Recovery Room. Medical staff will be with patients at all times. Vital signs will be monitored along with other measures to assure that patients are recovering appropriately without any problems. Patients should expect mild cramping, and some may experience mild dizziness, and nausea. Most women are able to leave the office within 30 minutes or less.

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