Top Ten Guidelines For Choosing an Abortion Pill Clinic.

Top Ten Guidelines For Choosing an Abortion Pill Clinic

Unplanned pregnancies are a big cause of concern for many women. An emergency contraceptive (Morning After Pill) pill does reduce the incidence of predictive pregnancy per monthly cycle from 50 to 95 percent depending on how soon it is taken after unprotected intercourse. The sooner the Morning After Pill is taken after the unprotected event, the higher the chance of not becoming pregnant. There are 8 million people in the U.S. that use condoms to reduce the chance of becoming pregnant and prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections. At times any birth control method used may fail. There are over 2.4 million unplanned pregnancies that occur just in the U.S. alone. This can be a complicated matter to resolve for the woman and anyone she chooses to involve in her decision to keep on end her pregnancy. This can be one of the most difficult decisions in a woman’s life. Thus, it is here that a reputed abortion pill clinic counsels women on the advantages and disadvantages of choosing of abortion and will take care of the situation by terminating the pregnancy if she chooses that route.

In this blog, we will provide you with some practical guidelines on choosing the right abortion clinic. These will ensure that the termination of pregnancy is smooth and safe for the patient. By following these guidelines, you will be able to ensure a safe abortion along with maintaining your. health. Make sure that you remember these while looking for an abortion clinic.

The majority of females do not discuss the topic of abortion when they become pregnant. It may be difficult to find the right clinic for an abortion pill to terminate the pregnancy. At such a time, the person often looks for a clinic that takes care of their emotional, physical social, moral, ethical needs and psychological health.

Below are the top ten guidelines that will help you find a reliable and reputed abortion clinic to take care of the unplanned pregnancy. These guidelines will ensure that you get a clinic that not only provides you comfort but also safeguards the privacy and dignity that you deserve.

Get Referrals

Before choosing an abortion pill clinic, it is a good idea to consult the local hospital or clinic for a referral. If you are comfortable in sharing, then consult a friend or family member to know the best clinic in the area. Also, be alert that there are places that may appear to be abortion clinics but might prevent you from making the final decision regarding the pregnancy.

How Comfortable Is the Clinic?

The most important question that you should always ask yourself before choosing a clinic is whether the staff is friendly. You should be able to ask as many questions over the phone as possible amd they should have the answer to your query. They should be totally professional in their approach towards you. We recommend that you try to connect with several reputable abortion clinics to determine which one is best suited for your needs. This will go a long way to ensure that you are going to a facility and have a comfortable environment.

Experience Counts

One of the most important factors to remember when looking for an abortion clinic is to look into the past work of the clinic. Make sure that you choose a clinic that has experienced staff who knows about the whole procedure. They should possess the knowledge and experience not only about the abortion procedure but also aftercare. This includes measures as couseling on birth control measures that may help to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the future. Some facilities for example may include in their fee an Emergency Contraceptive(Morning After Pill). Women may ovulate and become pregnant as early as 2 to 3 weeks after having an abortion. Thus having access to the Emergency Contraceptive Pill. It should be kept in the woman’s purse or medicine cabinet may be critical in preventing an unwanted pregnancy. A small miscalculation can become a matter of future fertility, life or death.

Do Not Trust the Ads

Before going to an abortion clinic based on a television or online advertisement, ensure that it is a place of professionals to take care of the pregnancy. Do not fall for all the hype shown about the clinic in a commercial.

Research the Locality

It is always a good idea to look for an abortion clinic in your local vicinity. Having an abortion clinic near-by to where you live, can help in handling any emergencies post-abortion. Also, you can consult the professionals at the abortion clinic anytime without having to travel far. In the U.S. approximately 88% of counties do not have abortion facilities. There are several States that only have one Abortion Clinic. Laws are being passed every year to restrict access to legal abortion. Abortion restrictiction does not reduce the number of abortions that occur. It only causes women who have an unwanted pregnancy to seek illegal abortions. This leads to a higher incidence of maternal morbidity and mortality.

Inquire About the Services

Always remember that each clinic is different, as it operates under different state abortion laws. Some provide medical abortion while others prefer surgical removal. Always choose a clinic that will offer the services preferred by you. The earlier an abortion is performed in pregnancy, the less chance of risks, side effects and complications.

The Medical abortion using the abortion pill is normally performed in the first trimester of pregnancy early up to 9-10 weeks. The abortion pill procedure is performed up to 16 weeks in some medical procedures. It is not uncommon for the Abortion Pill be used to terminate pregnancies in late term (21 weeks or further) The option of a surgical procedure may be chosen in abortion facilities as well. Surgical abortions are generally performed in the first and second trimester of pregnancies. Abortions after 21 weeks are restricted where the pregnancy is a threat to the woman’s life or health, or the fetus has a complication that is incompatible with life. Post surgery, women will require ample time to recover.

You can also ask questions related to the type of abortion suited to your needs. A ultrasound (sonogram) may be performed to assure the exact number of weeks gestation the patient is. Written post-operative instructions that include emergency contact numbers is a must.


Quality abortion clinics have a team of health educators and counselors who are available to answer every query related to the abortion options. They should possess the resources for proper after-abortion care. You should meet a health counselor at such a clinic to share your feelings and concerns about the procedure involved. The staff at the clinic for abortion pill should keep your partner informed while going through each stage of the procedure.

Pain Management

Most of the patients report cramping with abortion as being tolerable. However, some prefer to experience minimal to no pain. IV sedation can be used to help with this issue. Make sure the abortion clinic offers oral sedation or pain relievers to offer maximum comfort post-abortion. You can ask the doctor assigned to you about the type of pain reliever they will provide you. Make sure that the clinic provides proper aftercare which help to minimize any complications or discomfort.

The Fees

When you visit an abortion clinic, always remember to ask about the fees involved and what is included in the procedure. A less fee does not mean that you will get the best post-abortion care. Hence, you can ask the staff about whether the fee covers all services including pain management, Emergency Contraception (Mornimg After Pill) and methods of payment among others. Also, asking about the price will provide you with an idea as to whether the clinic matches your budget or not. Always be aware of the total price of the service which the clinic charges.

Trust your guts

If anything about the abortion pill clinic seems a bit phony or suspicious to you, then immediately change the clinic and look for a better option to get the procedure done. It is a matter of your health as well as safety, no use trying to gamble on it. Hence, always trust your guts before saying yes to a particular clinic.

The Conclusion

Remember, the procedure for abortion takes some time and is a bit complicated, so it is better to wait for a good clinic than to make a decision you regret later. Hence, when looking to terminate unplanned pregnancies, you should always remember these tips to avoid discomfort. It will help assure that you are properly taken care of both before and after the procedure. Remember to ask the Abortion Pill Clinic if Emergency Contraception (Morning After Pill) is included in their fees.

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